S C E N A : T h e a t r e ..A r t s ..R e v i e w
Novi Sad, 2005 . ..No. 19 . .January-December . .YU ISSN 0351-3963 .

d r a m a
Literal translation by Marija Stojanovic and Jovana Djak


Born on February 13, 1981 in Belgrade, Serbia.
EDUCATION: Senior student (fourth/final year) of Dramaturgy (playwriting and screenwriting) at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade; 2000/01. as a visiting student audited several courses at the Tisch School of Arts in NY , led by professor and theatre director Richard Schechner.

OUT OF GEAR - National Theatre in Subotica 2005 directed by Sladjana Kilibarda;
ESCape - Bitef Theatre 2005 directed by Jelena Bogavac;
OPERATION EMOTIONAL VERBALISATION - performed at the Northern Exposure Festival (Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, England) as one of the chosen "Summer Shorts 2004" directed by Svetlana Dimcovic;
HERMETICAL MORNING (one of the six plays that consist the omnibus September 11.) performed at the National Theatre in Oslo, Norway during the collaboration of young playwrights from Serbia and Norway, September 2003;
Co-author, PSYHOSYS AND DEATH OF THE AUTHOR (play for the internet theatre) was performed at the BITEF 38th Festival September 2004, directed by Bojan Djordjev.
OTHER: Member of TKH (Theory That Walks) group of artists and theoreticians that engaged in the theory of theatre, film and media; Currently working as co-director on the NADA PROJECT 2005. Script Development Program at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

- Member of SFW New Drama and one of the authors of a web site that arhives new serbian plays

Note about "Out of Gear"


In the play OUT OF GEAR the main characters are heading to the double bottom of absolute solitude: Maja Pelevic's diving into drama is an equation with several "known" factors - alcohol, drugs, violence - and with only one unknown factor - the outcome. As it is presented - in a terribly elegant fashion - in OUT OF GEAR, definitely one of the turning points of contemporary Serbian drama, what is love - if not absolute and absolutely divided solitude, and at the same time an invisible crack that connects the main ways of supressed emotions, useless games and illusory facts.
Maja Pelevic's drama is articulated through a jolly hell of sleng, used by today's urban "lost generation", hell that mainly consists of perversely distorted signs of joy and ironic self-observation, which covers up the essential desperation caused by the world that recedes, just like language:
"You wouldn't care for some smack by any chance?"
"The nineties were boring..."
"Yeah, bro, he's on blockers now."
The author of OUT OF GEAR, however, does not suggest any "loss" or "gain" that can be calculated by a dramatic techniques, but the traps of losing and temptations of selfsearching - which often are only the two sides of the same procedure. After dealing with brilliantly constructed loose dialogue and just seemingly simplified composition of events, OUT OF GEAR reveals itself as a drama with complex and functional order of story, sujet and action.
The level that covers the first one of these notions points out the social-psychological problem: Vukan, a guy who is getting off of dope, looked after by a caring and helpful friend Una (whose tendencies are towards alcohol), on one hand, tries to deal with his old and conventional (Dejana, TV reporter), and new and mostly random (Chick) emotional relationships; and on the other hand, the main character tries to confront the possibilities and ranges of his own actions, in everyday reality and despite it (his writing a novel). Attractive and dinamic dialogues contain the signals that diminish the relevancy of social-psychological factor; actually, Maja Pelevi} uses the next, higher level, a logically-symbolic relation, to copy, multiply and ironize the conditional-consequential layer of the story. Ambitious and superficial Dejana armed with declarative pedagogy of showbiz, indifferently-benign hedonist Daddy Cool, violent and cynical DJ and Chick, sensitive, simple-minded and too immature to understand delicate layers of emotions and art - those are the characters that present the parameters of normality and freedom that Vukan is going back to!
Meanwhile, each of these characters is occupied with their own "trip", which inevitably leads them to obsessive depths, in comparison to which the Vukan's addiction problem seems like a puberty romance. They become beasts that eat themselves in the lairs of their own souls (the word "hole", together with words alike, deserves particular consideration), from individuals they become archetypes, distorted symbolical couples whose relations construct the ironic, dark-humored fugue about violence of normality and illusion of "positive behavior".
In paradoxal strategic stroke that presents the two mentioned attitudes, Maja Pelevic forms the salutary but at the same time tragic definition of Vukan's and Una's relationship, two victims united and separated by the same poison. The author does that in original and powerful way, which proves that the work of Sarah Kane has already accomplished a prolific impact on Serbian contemporary drama. Symbolically prepared through an antological scene where love is strongly expressed by silence, this formula developes through the final, parallel monologues of Una and Vukan; this development, seized by the cynical cheerfulness and merciless elegy, becomes authentic, at the same time reversed and redeeming , and as such the only possible adventure of lost postmodern Soul. If this last statement seems contradictional or inapropriate, that's the reason more to read OUT OF GEAR, and don't pay attention to the surface of the story: only then you will receive the clear, racinian vertical of pain that overwhelmingly emerges from irritating horizons of contemporary, silicone and virtual weed.

Svetislav JOVANOV
Translated into English by A. J.


The action takes place...
All the characters are between 17 and 24 years old or not...
Some of the scenes overlap, and some take place simultaneously.

''It is myself I have never met whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind'.'
Sarah Kane

(Footnotes contain some of the translator's notes)


Vukan's place. Bed sitter. A PC, big library, a heap of records and CDs. A creative mess...
UNA: Go down and get some vodka.
VUKAN: Give me some money.
UNA: Where are we going tonight?
VUKAN: The Hole. Fix me an E!
UNA: Wouldn't you care for some smack by any chance?
VUKAN: What, I can always go get you your fuckin vodka?
UNA: Aw, quit the bullshit!
VUKAN: Okay, fix me some pot then.
UNA: Why don't you ask your dad to fix you the pot?
VUKAN: Occasionally tolerant.
UNA: Cut the crap!
VUKAN: Change the music.
UNA: Go.
Vukan sits down.
UNA: Don't. I don't give a fuck.
Una paces around the room. Pulls a drawer.
UNA: Fucking blockers! Got any clean spoons in this house?
Una brings a spoon with a crumbled blocker and gives it to Vukan.
UNA: There!
She puts the spoon into his mouth.
UNA: You've only got a half of the bottle1 left. Got any more?
VUKAN: No. My old man's getting it one of these days.
UNA: How's he gonna punish you this time?
VUKAN: He's selling Burden.
UNA: No shit!?
VUKAN: It's come to that.
UNA: Who's he gonna sell it to? Who else in this city has heard of Chris Burden?
VUKAN: He's found a rich guy who's into the Seventies performance.
UNA: That's bullshit! It's just a photo.
VUKAN: It's pseudo-signed at the back.
UNA: Fuck, it's our most valuable thing in this room and he doesn't give a damn.
VUKAN: That's exactly why. I haven't been a good boy.
Una takes the photograph off the wall.
UNA: See!
VUKAN: It's gonna look ugly.
UNA: There's this white remaining. Like a fucking scar.
VUKAN: To remind you.
UNA: Is Dejana coming to The Hole?
VUKAN: Don't know. She's fucked up these days.
UNA: You've seen her?
VUKAN: The old man's heard from her.
UNA: Why don't YOU call her?
VUKAN: I called her last week.
UNA: But she has to SEE that you're OK now.
VUKAN: That's not enough for her. I have to PROVE it to her.
UNA: We've just started...
VUKAN: Who's gonna get the drinks?
UNA: You are!
VUKAN: You in a crisis?
UNA: Uh-huh.
VUKAN: How much?
UNA: Half2.


The Hole, the same evening Vukan and Una at the bar having some drinks...
VUKAN: Are you aware of the fact that in a couple of years I'll be coming on to chiks born in the nineties? You know like "my chick was born when the sanctions started".
UNA: Yet you like pre-war chiks.
VUKAN: The nineties were boring. We had just three icons - Curt Cobein, Quentin Tarantino and Slobodan Milo{evi}.
UNA: What about techno and the Internet?
VUKAN: ...The new century is going to be even more boring... Sweet cocktails and bad mathematics.
UNA: Cyber sex...
VUKAN: That' s like science fiction! First we have to develop cyber existents before thinking about cyber sex. We can't even do it face to face properly, so forget the virtual way!
UNA: That's the twenty-first century!
VUKAN: ...We haven't reached the twenty-first century yet... everybody's trying to follow some stupid trends and they're high on McDonalds and Mars-bars.
UNA: Do you know that Zrenjanin is the only town in the world where McDonalds has been closed a few months after it was opened?
VUKAN: ...We should have celebrated the new millennium in about a hundred years when we get conquered by a civilized country that'll put half of the population in the reservation camps. How can the Indians be more primitive than us? They have casinos, money, they do good business... and they dress better than all of us!
UNA: Look at that chick over there!
VUKAN: She's a kid!
UNA: Look how cute she is.
VUKAN: Teenage girls are annoying, they laugh all the time and they wear thongs and the thongs are not 'in' any more.
UNA: She's looking at you.
UNA: The tonge.
VUKAN: Maybe she's looking at you.
UNA: Now she's chatting with her teenage friends.
VUKAN: She's OK.
UNA: Nice hair.
VUKAN: Nice ass.
UNA: She's not wearing a bra!
VUKAN: No she's not!
UNA: She has the most perfect tits, like two melons with small popped-out nipples.
VUKAN: How do you know she has small nipples?
UNA: Well, look from here!
VUKAN: She's all right but she's a little... huge, don't you think.
UNA: Big chiks, big curves!
VUKAN: When they're smaller you can knock them over however you like!
UNA: A big dominant female has many advantages!
VUKAN: Come on, let's go.
UNA: Where?
VUKAN: To chat her up.
UNA: Do it by yourself for a change.
VUKAN: I'll get you some vodka.
UNA: OK then.
VUKAN: We have money for only one.
UNA: Well then get one and give me a half.


Vukan's place.
VUKAN: I have vodka... and some juice.
VUKAN: How much do you want?
CHICK: Don't know... just pour.
VUKAN: So, you want to study sculpture?
CHICK: Uh-huh. If I'm accepted.
VUKAN: You've read The Unbearable Lightness of Being?
CHICK: What?
VUKAN: Doesn't matter... There's this super cool sculptress in there.
CHICK: What, she reminds you of me?
VUKAN: Well, this main character actually has like two muses. One is like nice and sweet and the other one...
He pours the vodka.
CHICK: Not that much!
VUKAN: ...the other one was a sculptress, quite older than him as a matter of fact.
CHICK: And I'm just a kid?
VUKAN: Well, it doesn't matter. What...
CHICK: Well, I'm doing great. I figure these are the best years. I'm having fun and I don't give a shit about anything.
VUKAN: True...
Vukan takes a joint and lights it.
VUKAN: Want some?
CHICK: I don't smoke... pot.
She looks around the room.
CHICK: What was on there?
VUKAN: A photo.
CHICK: Of an ex?
VUKAN: Of Chris Burden.
VUKAN: Well, he used to make some kick ass performances in New York in the Seventies, you know, when there was this expansion of happenings and that...
CHICK: Yeah, yeah...
VUKAN: So, anyway, my old man was there at the time and he took a picture of him and I guess it wasn't allowed.
CHICK: How did he manage to do that?
VUKAN: He came up with a story or something...
CHICK: What was on the photo?
VUKAN: Well, Burden let his friend shoot him in the arm.
VUKAN: The wish is pain.
CHICK: Do you feel bad about him taking it away?
VUKAN: Una felt the worst.
CHICK: Your ex girlfriend?
VUKAN: Ah, no, that's Dejana. Una's my best friend. You met her at the party.
CHICK: Ah, OK, she's with that DJ, what's his name?
VUKAN: She's not, I mean, it doesn't matter. But tell me, are you sculpting anything at the moment?
CHICK: I'm sculpting a head.
VUKAN: What kind of head?
CHICK: I think it'll be huge... like you!
VUKAN: Just the head?
CHICK: I like to sculpt huge things.
VUKAN: King-size.
CHICK: I don't know. I might use your head.
VUKAN: You wanna use my head?
CHICK: Why not? You have a beautiful head.
VUKAN: Yeah?
CHICK: Yeah, like an alien. And what do you do for living besides coming on to the shicks in clubs.
VUKAN: Nothing.
CHICK: You know, when I first saw you I thought you were totally stuck up.
VUKAN: Really?
CHICK: And my friend thought that you and that... Una are swingers.
VUKAN: We're obedient children as you can see.
CHICK: I don't know... You live here all alone, you have a lot of records, CDs... You're not a musician, are you? ...Because you'd be the third one this year!
VUKAN: I distribute young cute under-age girls to America and Western Europe.
CHICK: You're joking...
VUKAN: I'm serious.
CHICK: Why don't you wanna tell me what you do?
VUKAN: I'm writing a novel.
CHICK: That's what I wanted to hear!
VUKAN: I told you, I don't do anything.
CHICK: Can I read it?
VUKAN: It's not finished.
CHICK: Just a few lines to see how you write!
VUKAN: Nobody reads it before it's finished. That's a rule!
CHICK: Nobody?
CHICK: Not even me?
VUKAN: I just met you.
CHICK: So I'll read it tomorrow!
VUKAN: No chance!
CHICK: Will you tell me what's it called?
VUKAN: Out of gear.
CHICK: Like the thing in the car!
VUKAN: And like a state of mind.
CHICK: Oooo!
Vukan starts fondling her.
VUKAN: How come your legs are so strong?
CHICK: Bicycle.
VUKAN: O, BMX. And what's this?
Vukan examines her belly.
CHICK: It used to be a piercing. But the hole is still there...
VUKAN: Hole always remains, even on a wall.
CHICK: I didn't want to take it out. It was cool.
VUKAN: So why did you?
CHICK: Inflammation.
He kisses the spot where the piercing used to be. Takes her top off.
VUKAN: Like a Modigliani nude.
VUKAN: I love it when a girl has this rounded bit around her belly...
CHICK: Are you saying I'm fat?
VUKAN: No, come on. I like that.
CHICK: Dunno. Maybe I should lose some weight after all.
VUKAN: You shouldn't. You're perfect as you are.
He kisses her breast.
CHICK: Wanna turn the light off?
CHICK: Go on.
CHICK: Go on!
VUKAN: Want some more vodka?
CHICK: Bring it over!


Daddy Cool's place.
Daddy Cool and Una on the bed. The TV's on.
DADDY COOL: Where's your boyfriend?
UNA: He's not my boyfriend.
DADDY COOL: Ran off with his chick.
UNA: She's not his chick! Come here!
DADDY COOL: Wait a sec!
Daddy Cool is obsessively switching channels on TV.
UNA: Let it rip!
DADDY COOL: I have to find some music.
UNA: Turn on the radio!
DADDY COOL: There's nothing on the radio.
UNA: Come on!
She's trying to get his attention.
DADDY COOL: Are you hungry?
UNA: Yes!
DADDY COOL: I'll get you some pie.
UNA: I didn't mean that! Come here! Take your clothes off!
He kisses her and continues to switch the channels.
DADDY COOL: How do you get so fucked up every time?
UNA: I'm totally sober!
DADDY COOL: Yeah right!
UNA: Let's cuddle a bit!
DADDY COOL: Check this band out.
UNA: Fuck, how much more?
UNA: Nothing.
DADDY COOL: I'll go get some tea.
UNA: You're not going anywhere!
UNA pulls him on the bed and takes the remote. They look at the TV.
DADDY COOL: Is that Dejana?
UNA: Yah. She had a haircut.
DADDY COOL: Is she still with that friend of yours?
UNA: No.
DADDY COOL: O, yeah, he's with that chick...
UNA: He's not.
DADDY COOL: Well, what's he doing with her then?
UNA: I'll show you what he's doing!
She jumps on him.
DADDY COOL: I'm going to the loo.
He leaves. She remains in the bed.
UNA (Shouting.): Got any alcohol?


At Vukan's.
VUKAN: So what, he just leaves in the middle of...
UNA: He's gone for fifteen minutes and comes back ready for three hours of sex.
VUKAN: Maybe he can't get it up.
UNA: What, he takes a pill or something?
VUKAN: How should I know?
UNA: I'll flip.
VUKAN: Aw, well. When you go to Daddy Cool. What the fuck do you expect?
UNA: Like you're a lot better.
VUKAN: Little chick kicks ass.
UNA: Right.
VUKAN: You should see her body.
UNA: Huge body...
VUKAN: Like one of those Modigliani nudes.
UNA: If she only knew which one it is.
VUKAN: The less she knows, the better.
UNA: Cut the crap!
VUKAN: She's a sculptress.
UNA: So why doesn't she sculpt your penis?
VUKAN: Not a bad idea.
UNA: So, you like her?
VUKAN: I'm sort of fond of her.
UNA: Fond of her?
VUKAN: Yeah. She's not like the other ones I bring over for a fuck.
UNA: She's a kid.
VUKAN: You don't like her?
UNA: She's cute, but I don't know.
VUKAN: Fuck, you made me make a pass on her.
UNA: I liked the way she looked. And her hair was neat.
VUKAN: You wanted to fuck her.
UNA: I didn't.
VUKAN: You know how you looked her over?
UNA: What difference does it make?
VUKAN: You don't check just any girl out like that.
UNA: You're wrong.
VUKAN: Besides, we have like really good time together.
UNA: Well, go on then, no one's in your way.
VUKAN: I mean, it's not like I'm planning on marrying her or anything... although it wouldn't hurt moving into her place.
UNA: What, because of Dejana?
VUKAN: Well, among other things.
UNA: Tough shit.
VUKAN: When we get back together, she'll be like 'Who slept in this bed? Whom did you fuck in here?'
UNA: Where's Burden?
VUKAN: Dad took it on the sly last night when we went out.
UNA: Fucking shit.
VUKAN: He's not gonna sell it anyway.
UNA: How do you know? The man's a sadist.
VUKAN: He'll probably put it in the basement. What does he have to sell it for? He only wanted to take it away from me.
UNA: I'm really pissed off. He has such idiotic methods. I talked to that doctor and she was totally against punishing...
VUKAN: Explain that to him.
UNA: Here, take the blocker!
VUKAN: Are you going to crush it?
UNA: Swallow it. At least I believe you.
VUKAN: Look what I got from the Internet.
UNA: Morocco?
VUKAN: Yeah. Look at this!
UNA: Writer's workshop. Totally crazy!
VUKAN: Let's go!
UNA: Not in a million years.
VUKAN: I figured it all out. Next year we're going to the oil platforms in Norway. Do you know how much money there is? Once a day you drill and fill...
UNA: And what about when you cut yourself and the salt burns your scar and you want to die of pain.
VUKAN: That's why you'll be there. To cook, clean and take care of open wounds.
UNA: You know that's never hard for me.
VUKAN: So, we've figured it all out.
UNA: And what do you think about sending those people in Morocco some stories before we start doing the drill-fill thing?
VUKAN: Yeah we can do that. I doubt anyone's applied.
UNA: People go there to chill out, not to write.
VUKAN: And they're gonna pay us to come there! By the way, where are we going tonight?
UNA: A new club opened. We can go there.
VUKAN: I made some plans with Dejana. She's supposed to be at The Hole.
UNA: Well, we can go there later.
VUKAN: Yeah, OK.
UNA: Get some oil!
VUKAN: A liter?
UNA: Half!


The Hole. Dejana is at the bar; she's all dressed up, drinking a cocktail. Vukan sees her and approaches.

DEJANA: Hey you.
VUKAN: You look great.
DEJANA: Thanks.
VUKAN: I missed you.
DEJANA: I missed you too.
VUKAN: Lets go somewhere. Lets go to my place!
DEJANA: Sit down. Have a drink.
VUKAN passes his hand over her breasts.
VUKAN: I missed them, too.
DEJANA: What do you want to drink?
VUKAN: I don't know. Some juice.
DEJANA: Juice?
VUKAN: OK, a Coke.
DEJANA: You don't want any alcohol?
VUKAN: What do I need it for when you're here?
DEJANA: Seriously?
VUKAN: No, really... I'm not in to it.
DEJANA orders.
DEJANA: Whisky and a Coke. Separate.
VUKAN: That dress looks good on you.
DEJANA: I spoke to your father yesterday.
VUKAN: And...
DEJANA: He says you're doing better.
VUKAN: As you can see.
DEJANA: But you're still not well.
VUKAN: I've been clean for a month.
DEJANA: The problem is in your head and you know it. When you're clean for six months, a year, six years...
VUKAN: Damn, this is the first time in the history of addictions that somebody is swallowing blockers after a few months of getting fixed and I'm doing that as you can see and I'm following all the rules and shit and you know how much I hate being controlled and I'm still doing everything they're telling me.
DEJANA: And are you doing it for yourself?
VUKAN: Yes, I'm doing it for myself. It's my decision.
DEJANA: You know how many times you got caught up in something and it didn't work. Not because you can't do that but because you don't want to. Because in your system of values you find a million excuses and I can't go through that again.
VUKAN: OK, so tell me what to do then.
DEJANA: You have Una.
VUKAN: So Una is the one that bothers you!
DEJANA: Of course not. She's your guardian.
VUKAN: She's not important. She gives me my medication and goes out with me... that's her role... Get it?
DEJANA: And I don't have anything against it.
VUKAN: So what did you and Dad come up to?
DEJANA: Are you identifying me with your father?
VUKAN: Come here!
He grabs her.
DEJANA: Don't!
VUKAN: Let's go to my place!
DEJANA: Listen to me!
VUKAN: I'm listening.
DEJANA: You have to start working.
VUKAN: I can't think about that now.
DEJANA: I found you an agency where you can work as a copywriter.
VUKAN: Yuppie doo! I have to finish my novel.
DEJANA: No, you have to find a way to occupy yourself.
VUKAN: And writing a novel is not good enough?
DEJANA: Why do you limit yourself so much?
VUKAN: You have to read what I've written so far.
DEJANA: I'll try to find time. It's really hectic at work... It's late. I really have to go.
VUKAN: Let's just drop in at my place.
DEJANA: I'm in a hurry.
VUKAN: Just for five minutes.
DEJANA: Just five.


"The Hole' club.
DJ is playing music. Una is watching him. At a certain point he comes down.
UNA: Hey.
DJ: Wassup, hippie3.
UNA: Nothing special.
DJ: When'd you get in?
UNA: Don't know.
DJ: Look how packed it is. Fuck.
UNA: Yeah, shit.
DJ: What's these rags?
UNA: What rags?
DJ: The ones you're wearing, hippie.
UNA: Why, what's wrong with them?
DJ: Bloody hippie rags. When will you start dressing normally?
UNA: I dress normally.
DJ: To wear high heels, or something.
UNA: No way.
DJ: Then I won't be able to get it up with you, hippie.
UNA: You haven't had a problem with that so far.
DJ: You know I'm only into whores.
UNA: Yeah right!
DJ: Hippie, I've spent my entire life by the railway station4, among whores.
UNA: Well, I'm more feminine than them anyway.
DJ: You don't really feel like a woman.
UNA: How would you know that?
DJ: I can see it.
UNA: Well, you don't see right.
DJ: I told you the minute I met you. I can't get it up with hippies.
UNA: Why do you keep calling me then?
DJ: You're calling me.
UNA: You can't stand me going on with my life without you in it.
DJ: Dream on, hippie.
UNA: No need. You're dreaming enough for the both of us.
DJ: Let's have a drink.
They move to the bar.
DJ: Why're you looking at me like that?
UNA: Like what?
DJ: Like you want to suck my cock.
UNA: I do want to suck your cock.
DJ: Wanna drink?
UNA: Nope.
Barmen puts vodka in front of her, she drinks it.
DJ: And when he gives it to you, you take it.
UNA: What can I tell you?
DJ: You're such a whore.
UNA: I thought I was a hippie?
DJ: Whore.
UNA: Yeah, right.
DJ: If you dressed like a whore, I'd fuck you every day.
UNA: How do you know I'd want to?
DJ: You'd have to.
UNA: See ya.
DJ: Where are you going?
UNA: The club is packed with whores. I don't want to be in your way with my hippie appearance.
DJ: But you give good blow jobs. That's why I like you most.
UNA: Well, you taught me.
DJ: More vodka?
Tops up.
DJ: You look prettier somehow.
UNA: That's cause I draw energy from the men I manipulate.
DJ: You'll suffer for that, you bloody hippie.
UNA: Let's go somewhere so I can suffer.
DJ: Just for a little while. I'm tired.
UNA: Come on.
DJ: No fuck just blow.


Vukan's place. Vukan is sitting at the computer. Doorbell rings. Enters Una, soaking wet. Sound of rain in the background.
VUKAN: What are you doing here?
UNA: Give me a towel.
VUKAN: How was it?
She takes her trousers off. A huge bruise on her leg.
VUKAN: What's that? Let me see.
UNA: Let go. It's nothing.
VUKAN: Fuck, Una, what the fuck?
UNA: I like it, Vukan, get it?
VUKAN: Cut the crap, will you please. You have no idea what you really like.
UNA: Why do you think I go to him then?
VUKAN: Cause it's the easiest thing to do.
UNA: Look who's talking.
VUKAN: That's just an excuse.
UNA: An excuse for what?
VUKAN: For your emotional schizophrenia.
UNA: Fuck, you were the only one who could understand it. You weren't living in those morality trips...
VUKAN: Yeah, that's exactly how I live.
UNA: I'm not saying that's how you live, but I couldn't live without all this.
VUKAN: Because it never happened to you...
UNA: This big LOVE you and Dejana had?
VUKAN: Let me finish.
UNA: I don't want it to happen to me.
VUKAN: Yeah, right.
UNA: Just like you have developed smack receptors, I have receptors for this kind of relationships and I have to fill them up. There are no blockers for that.
VUKAN: Sincere emotions are blockers for that.
UNA: What sincere emotions? What the fuck are sincere emotions?
VUKAN: You'll know when you feel them.
UNA: Just tell me, so I recognize them if I meet them in the street somewhere...
VUKAN: Nothing, they'll go by and say hi.
UNA: Oh, hiya, what's up...
VUKAN: Why're you taking the piss now?
UNA: No, I just want to know, since you're such an expert.
VUKAN: Just tell me one thing... does he hit you and then fuck you or does he fuck you and then hit you or does he do it simultaneously?
UNA: That's none of your business.
VUKAN: So, why did you come over?
UNA: Do you want me to leave?
She goes to the door.
VUKAN: Why do you have to freak out?
UNA: I'm going. What's the problem?
VUKAN: Naked like that?
UNA: Yeah. Why?
VUKAN: Nothing. Take a towel.
She takes the towel and goes to the bathroom. Leaves the door ajar. Vukan stays in the room, alone. Turns the music on.
Una (off).
UNA: When are you going to fix the light in here?
VUKAN: Never.
UNA: Where did you go? I was looking for you.
VUKAN: Hanging around.
UNA: I saw Chick.
VUKAN: I know, I saw her.
UNA: Well, was there any hanky panky?
UNA: Why not?
VUKAN: Didn't feel like it.
UNA: You saw Dejana?
VUKAN: Uh-huh.
UNA: And?
VUKAN: Nothing.
UNA (peeps through the door.): Give me that top, will you?
VUKAN: Which one?
UNA: 'You show me yours, I'll show you mine.'
Vukan throws her the top.
She comes out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head.
VUKAN: You can take it.
UNA: Forever?
VUKAN: Yeah.
UNA: No way! Wow!
VUKAN: Well, since you like it so much.
UNA: I thought you'd never give it away.
VUKAN: And it looks good on you.
UNA: Imagine, if I lived down there, we could drill a hole in here and get that firemen's pole.
VUKAN: We could throw wicked parties.
UNA: Main stage at your place, chill out at mine... Fuck, it would be so much easier... Bullshit!
VUKAN: What?
UNA: All this shit. I can't see this jerk anymore. I really have to stop it.
VUKAN: I've heard that a million times.
UNA: I'm serious this time. Every day I wake up I'm nauseous and I can't even write about it anymore... I'm pumped out... if it only made any sense, but it doesn't... everything... and this bore, I mean... all this just isn't what it's supposed to be... you know? When I feel that I can't stand it any more, you know?
VUKAN: I know.
UNA: Every time I leave his place I have no idea what I was doing there. It's like amnesia... And every time I get so mad and I slam the door and think that's the last time I hear that sound, and It's just horrible. The problem is that all of it just disappears so quickly, and that horrible feeling when I'm leaving, and I never put an end to it, cause there is no end, and it's always the same. And I'm sick of my so-called rebellion, like I'm some idiot who doesn't get anything, who understands nothing, as if I have nothing better to do. It's like boredom has come over me, and something's pulling me towards some fun, but every time it is the same, like I'm watching the same movie over and over...
VUKAN: You're a little fucked up but that's okay.
UNA: And every time on my way there I talk to myself and know what will happen, always the same fucking story.
VUKAN: Cause that's a feeling. Everything afterwards just happens, and this is pure and just yours.
UNA: And what I write makes sense only to me, and noone else.
VUKAN: I'll go get some vodka. Read this if you want.
UNA: What's that?
VUKAN: My novel.
He goes out. She goes to the computer, sits down and starts reading out loud.
UNA: In a nutshell, I can't keep a single direction.
Actually, I'm not going anywhere. I think I never have. Maybe I've been somewhere, but, all things considered, such events were taking place beyond the reach of my knowledge.
I have been nowhere, now and ever.
The most important thing is no one knows about me all there is to know.
Una goes to the bed. She curls up. Enter Vukan, some time later.
VUKAN: Can you imagine, we drank all the vodka!
Una pretends to be asleep. He takes a blanket, covers her. He strokes her hair and lies next to her.


At Daddy Cool's place. Una is on the bed, playing with her cell phone. Daddy Cool is playing with a small African drum.
DADDY COOL: Do you know this song?
UNA: Nope.
DADDY COOL: Can't you recognize it?
UNA: What's with this fucking phone?
DADDY COOL: Try from mine.
UNA: I have to send an SMS.
DADDY COOL: The connections are fucked up these days.
UNA: Yeah, they are. Shit.
DADDY COOL: I'll have to record this. We're having a live act at The Hole in a couple of days.
Una's cell rings. She answers.
UNA: Hey... wassup?... The connections are fucked up... BMX... OK... Yeah... Nothing special.... watching TV... Don't know, when are you home? Ok... say hi to the head... see you then... in half an hour... bye!
DADDY COOL: Who was that?
Daddy Cool is composing on the drum all the time.
DADDY COOL: Going to his place?
UNA: Yeah, later?
DADDY COOL: And you're like really his guardian?
UNA: Yeah, why?
DADDY COOL: Nothing. It's just funny, you know...
UNA: And why is it funny?
DADDY COOL: You being someone's guardian? Please!
UNA: What's wrong with that?
DADDY COOL: So you have to be with him all the time?
UNA: As you can see not all the time, just when we go out and stuff...
DADDY COOL: He can't go alone?
UNA: It's better this way.
DADDY COOL (Composing and singing): This town beware... abstainers surround... speeds, dopes, e's, microdots, yellow, white, green, blue...
UNA: Give me that drum!
UNA: Gimme!
They're fighting for the drum.
DADDY COOL: Why are you doing that to yourself?
UNA: What?
DADDY COOL: You're always tripping, even though it's crystal clear, not?
UNA: What's clear?
DADDY COOL: You hang out with him all the time... Nothing else is important to
UNA: It doesn't concern you! Besides, your presumptions are ridiculous.
DADDY COOL: That's what you think.
UNA. Will you stop with your analytic bullshit?
DADDY COOL: Now you're going to say he's just a friend.
UNA: Then what? Everyone has to fuck and everything has to be so complicated and there's no way that it's a simple friendship between two people who like to spend time with one another?
DADDY COOL: Fuck, you're confused!
UNA: Give me that drum!
Daddy Cool is playing on it.
DADDY COOL: And we unveil your true side!
Still playing.


Chick's studio. Chick's sculpting a head. Vukan enters.
VUKAN: So, that's the famous head.
CHICK: You like it? Isn't it neat?
VUKAN: It's unusual, for sure.
CHICK: I still need to finish it. It's somehow...
CHICK: Yeah... I guess... I don't know. I mean I wanted it to be this big but now it's too much... maybe I'll start all over again... So what's up with you?
VUKAN. Nothing. Just got up. We stayed up late... Drinking...
CHICK: Guys just wanna have fun. Nothing else matters.
VUKAN: Sort of.
CHICK: What about tonight?
VUKAN: I'm meeting Una later...
CHICK: I thought we were chilling! I bought vodka!
VUKAN: How about tomorrow?
CHICK. Who are you with anyway? I really don't get it.
VUKAN: What?
CHICK: I thought you and I were like...
VUKAN: Everything's fine...
CHICK: I mean, first that girl Dejana, then Una... I don't get it.
VUKAN: I already told you: Una's my girlfriend... I mean, she's not my girlfriend!
CHICK: I don't know what my problem is, but I always run across men with unclear relationships. Once I wanted to kill myself. Seriously...
VUKAN: Where's your phone?
CHICK: Over there... Anyway, I wanted to take a whole box of my mom's chill pills.
VUKAN: What's going on with the connections these days?
CHICK: Are you listening to me?
VUKAN: I am listening...
He's speaking by telephone all the time.
CHICK: And, thank god, there weren't enough of them. I only got a bit dizzy when my mom told me those were the pills for mad people.
VUKAN: Your mum's mad?
CHICK: Course not. She only has to take those cause she has some trouble with her nerves.
VUKAN: Thank god! ...Hello... hey... yeah fuck the damn connections... you?... DADDY COOL... when are you coming... in half an hour... ok... see you... by... Una said hi.
CHICK: You see!
VUKAN: You're tripping, you know? I have to go. Call you later.
CHICK: Wait!
He is leaving.
CHICK: What about the vodka?


Vukan's place. Vukan and Una are sitting on the floor, drinking.
VUKAN: Her head's awful.
UNA: Whose head?
VUKAN: Hers.
UNA: Her head?
VUKAN: The one she's making.
UNA: Is it that awful?
VUKAN: I'm sick of it.
UNA: Of her or the head?
VUKAN: Of everything.
UNA: Can't you see the kid's tripping she's your girlfriend.
VUKAN: That's her problem.
UNA: You're playing a wrong game all along.
VUKAN: I don't give a fuck.
UNA: You'll hurt her.
VUKAN: Look who's talking.
UNA: Who else?
VUKAN: What about you?
UNA: I'm just playing around.
Una gets a text message. She reads it.
UNA: I have to go in half an hour.
VUKAN: Where are you off to?
UNA: To Sladja's.
VUKAN: Who cares about Sladja! Lets have some vodka!
UNA: Later!
UNA: I already made plans with her.
VUKAN: So, cancel them.
Una goes to the bathroom. Una off.
VUKAN: What's the rush?
UNA: She's waiting for me.
VUKAN: Where?
UNA: At home. I'm going over for coffee.
VUKAN: You can have coffee here, too.
UNA: I'll be back soon. Hey, where's my dress?
VUKAN: Which one?
UNA: The red one.
VUKAN: No idea.
UNA comes out of the bathroom. Rummages through the closet.
UNA: Where the fuck is it?
VUKAN: Why can't you go like that?
UNA: I can, but I want to know where I left it. I was sure...
VUKAN: You have to dress up for Sladja?
UNA: Yeah, right.
VUKAN: Well, you're really dressing up.
UNA goes to the bathroom
VUKAN: Are you gonna put on some make up for Sladja too?
UNA: Cut the crap, Vukan. Did you take the blocker?
VUKAN: At five, as you know.
UNA: You might as well take it half an hour earlier.
VUKAN: Sladja might as well wait.
UNA: What the fuck's the matter with you? The girl's waiting for me.
VUKAN: To blow her?
UNA: You're nuts.
VUKAN: Why don't you just tell me where are you off to.
UNA: To Sladja's!
VUKAN: Can I come too?
UNA: No you can't.
VUKAN: Why not? What, Sladja might not fancy me being there? I thought she liked me.
UNA: And where do you think I'm going?
VUKAN: You know it best.
UNA: Where are the blockers?
VUKAN: No idea.
UNA goes through the drawers.
VUKAN: You need to feed me and then go fuck.
UNA: Exactly.
She crumbles a pill into a spoon and goes towards Vukan.
UNA: Open your mouth.
VUKAN: Is that what he tells you?
UNA: Come on!
He pushes her and the spoon falls to the floor.
UNA: You're so nuts.
VUKAN: Why the fuck are you feeding me as if I'm disabled. I'm not even gonna take those any more, I don't give a fuck.
UNA: Do what you like.
VUKAN: When will you be back?
UNA: In an hour or two.
VUKAN: Maybe Dejana will come.
UNA: What about the party tonight? Wanna get the tickets?
VUKAN: Sladja's spinning, she can put you on the V.I.P. list.
UNA: Alright, see you.
She goes to the door.
VUKAN: Get some vodka on your way back.
UNA: Take the blocker!
She leaves. Vukan takes the pill.


The Hole club. At the DJ cabin.
DJ: Hey!
DADDY COOL: Hey, bro... wassup?
DJ: What's goin' on?
DADDY COOL: Nothing. Chillin' you?
DJ: You know... Lot of things...
DADDY COOL: That was a good set.
DJ: Thanks, bro.
DADDY COOL: Fuck, we haven't done a live act for some time...
DJ: We're really fucked up.
DADDY COOL: We have to do, you know...
DJ: Yeah, for sure... did you hear this song?
DADDY COOL: Spin it!
DJ: I got it from Berlin last week.
DADDY COOL: It's good.
DJ: What are you drinking?
DJ (to the waiter): Two tequilas!
DADDY COOL: Lots of salt!
They drink it.
DJ: Two more!
DADDY COOL: Cheers, bro. There's our chick.
DJ: Yeah, bro, but which one?
DADDY COOL: UNA. It's funny... that whole sharing thing.
DJ: When was it not fun? So, you're not hucked up with her any more?
DADDY COOL: Just sometimes.
DJ: When necessary.
DADDY COOL: Yeah! Emerg-ency only.
DJ: CHICKs like that should be hung. You know what she was talking about you... I totally pissed off.
DJ: That you're autistic, and that you bore her.
DADDY COOL: Who cares?
DJ: And then I hit her and asked her then why the fuck was she with you, and then she said something stupid like she can trust you...
DADDY COOL: Okay, man.
DJ: It's not OK, bro, she can't talk like that.
DADDY COOL: Let it go, bro...
DJ: She's still hanging out with that so-called friend of hers. I heard he was the worst junkie.
DADDY COOL: Yeah, bro, he was a little hooked on dope, now he's hooked on her.
DJ: What, he was seriously into it?
DADDY COOL: Yeah, bro, he's on blockers now.
DJ: Then what's he doing here! More tequila?


Toilet of "The Hole" club.
Chick is in front of a mirror, putting some make up on. Dejana enters. She's visibly drunk. She stands next to Chick, takes a brush out of her purse, starts brushing her hair.
DEJANA: Whore, slut, what are you doing here?
CHICK: Excuse me?
DEJANA: Nothing. I'm just practicing the lines to say to that bitch who got into my boyfriend's bed.
CHICK: I thought you were talking to me.
DEJANA: Only if you're the filthy slut my boyfriend fucks for lack of better things to do.
CHICK: So you're Dejana.
DEJANA: You recognized me?
CHICK: I know you from TV.
DEJANA: I know you from other stories.
CHICK: So what do you want?
DEJANA: What do I want?
CHICK: Yes, because you followed me in here.
DEJANA: No, girl, I came in here to put some make up on.
CHICK: Why did you start talking to me then?
DEJANA: Well, I thought we should meet. After all, you are fucking my boyfriend in my bedding and I suppose you're using my toothbrush, my razor, maybe you're even wearing my panties.
Takes her by the belt. Chick winces.
DEJANA: Nah, your ass is too big.
CHICK: Don't worry, Vukan lets me use his toothbrush and his pants.
DEJANA: Well, his would just about fit you.
CHICK: What do you want from me anyway? You're not even with him anymore.
DEJANA: Did he tell you that?
DEJANA: And you believe him?
CHICK: Why wouldn't I?
DEJANA: Because you're a stupid kid and you don't know anything about men, at least not about men like him.
CHICK: That's what you think.
DEJANA: What, you happen to have got to the bottom of his dark secrets?
CHICK: I have.
DEJANA: Well, then tell me something I don't know.
CHICK: No need for that.
DEJANA: Why's that?
CHICK: I really have no intention to swap stories with you.
DEJANA: You're not much to look at anyway. You're a bit too tall for his taste and a bit bulky too.
CHICK: What do you want from me? What, you want us to insult each other?
DEJANA: Fuck, what size of shoes do you wear?
CHICK: Is it my fault that your boyfriend is with me now?
DEJANA: No, my dear, your fault is staying too long.
CHICK: Staying where?
DEJANA: In Vukan's life. It's time for you to remove yourself.
CHICK: Wanna ask him, who is the one he wants to be with?
DEJANA: No need, I already know that, but, see, there are things you don't know.
CHICK: Such as?
DEJANA: How he likes to fuck. Where he likes to fuck. Did he make you put his mother's fur coat and high heels on while he's fucking you?
CHICK: No. For him, I am sufficient.
DEJANA: Now, really? How come he hasn't shown you his favorite toy then?
CHICK: He didn't have a chance.
DEJANA: Well, ask him to show it to you.
CHICK: If I remember.
DEJANA: Let him show you the vibrator I use to fuck him in the ass and pine leaves lube in the right drawer bellow the computer. And while he's at it, ask him to tell you about his main problem, because I see you don't know about that one.
CHICK: What do you mean?
DEJANA: He never showed you the little colored pills he's taking.
CHICK: He's not doing e-s anymore, if that's what you mean.
DEJANA: I don't mean e-s.
CHICK: What then?
DEJANA goes to her, kisses her in the mouth.
DEJANA: And this is what turns him on the most. Remember that. A small trick.


The same evening in the club, only in a different part of it.
VUKAN: Fuck, I'd really do some smack right now. I miss the fucking flashes.
UNA: Cut the bullshit, you moron.
VUKAN: It's like I wanna drive but I'm out of gear.
UNA: Wanna drink on the house?
He just looks at her.
VUKAN: Come here for a second.
UNA: I'm going to get drinks.
VUKAN: Come here, please.
UNA: I'll be back in two minutes.
VUKAN: No, now, please. Come on.
UNA: What's the matter?
VUKAN: There's something I need to tell you.
UNA: You're completely drunk.
VUKAN: Come here.
UNA: Come where?
VUKAN: Over here.
UNA: I'm right here.
VUKAN: Closer.
UNA: Look, Vukan, really... What?
VUKAN: This is now or never.
UNA: Cut the crap.
VUKAN: Listen to me.
UNA: I'm listening.
VUKAN: I've never had a female friend.
UNA: Me neither.
VUKAN: Either I wanted to fuck them, or they were stupid or we didn't get each other...
UNA: And...
VUKAN: I mean, I know this is going to sound like a phrase to you, but it's really not, it's really sincere... you're a wonderful person, and you're clever and interesting and you're a fucking good writer and you're a babe but that's beside the point now I mean it's not but I really know this will sound stupid and I know I'm full of shit, but I really respect you.
UNA: You're my best friend.
VUKAN: And I really...
UNA: What?
VUKAN: Nothing.
UNA: Say it.
VUKAN: Go, get your daily torture dose.
UNA: You want me to go?
UNA leaves.
VUKAN: Una...


Una follows DJ to the restroom.
UNA: Hey.
DJ: What do you want?
UNA: Nothing.
UNA goes to the mirror.
DJ: It's no use.
UNA: What?
DJ: Whatever you're up to.
UNA: And what am I up to?
DJ: When deep down you're a hippie.
UNA: Maybe I want to be a hippie.
DJ comes up to her from behind.
DJ: Nobody wants that.
He goes to the door.
UNA: Wait.
DJ: What is it, hippie?
UNA: Come here.
DJ: What do you want?
UNA: Come.
DJ: What? What do you want?
UNA: You know.
DJ: Then say it.
UNA: You know what I want.
DJ: I want you to say it.
UNA: Come on!
DJ: What?
UNA: You know!
DJ: You wanna give me a blow?
UNA: Maybe.
DJ: And then you would like me to beat you a little?
UNA: Maybe.
DJ: Well, forget it, hippie.
UNA: Why?
DJ grabs her by the hair.
DJ: Cause I say so.
He kneels her in front of him.
DJ: Want some?
He hits her.
DJ: Answer me!
UNA: Yes!
DJ: Well, no.
DJ pulls her up.
DJ: You don't turn me on tonight.
UNA: Yeah, right.
DJ: Next time I'll drip wax on your tongue, then you'll blow.
UNA: Can't wait.
DJ: You'll wish we never met. Now go home.
UNA: No.
DJ: Then don't... Stupid hippie.
He exits.


The Hole. Vukan is sitting. Dejana enters.
VUKAN: Wassup?
DEJANA: I'm trying to find my cameraman. Did you see him by any chance?
DEJANA: I've been looking for him for ages...
VUKAN: Wanna drink?
DEJANA: I had like a liter of absent, I'm done.
VUKAN: Chill...
DEJANA: I have to shoot two more parties tonight. I'm totally freaking out.
VUKAN: It's two.
DEJANA: I know but I have editing at four.
VUKAN: Listen to the song.
DEJANA: They were playing it at that trashy club in Turkey.
VUKAN: When that old albino guy tried to pick you up.
DEJANA: God...
VUKAN: And I had to beat him up.
DEJANA: You were such a jerk.
VUKAN: I'm going to Morocco.
DEJANA: Really?
VUKAN: When I save up.
DEJANA: What are you going there for?
VUKAN: To finish my novel.
DEJANA: All over to Morocco?
VUKAN: You know me.
DEJANA: Going alone?
VUKAN: With Una, probably.
DEJANA: Nice...
VUKAN: What's up with you?
DEJANA: I'm doing a new show on the radio... And a commercial... this and that...
VUKAN: I saw your pal from TV.
DEJANA: Which one?
VUKAN: The funny one with the big head.
DEJANA: We're supposed to do a documentary together.
VUKAN: Say hi to him.
DEJANA: I will. You? Writing?
VUKAN: Yeah.
DEJANA: How's it going?
VUKAN: Ok... Sure you don't want to drink anything?
DEJANA: No, thanks.
VUKAN: Come on! One little vodka.
DEJANA: You know I don't drink vodka.
VUKAN: I'm going to get a drink.
DEJANA: I'll go look for my cameraman.
DEJANA: See you later.
He kisses her in the cheek and exits.


At Vukan's place. Una is all dresses up in her little red dress, she's hysterically running around the house. Vukan is stoned, smoking weed. Very load music.
UNA: Let's go!
VUKAN: Let's not!
UNA: Come on!
VUKAN: We'll chill here.
UNA: Come on!
VUKAN: The Hole bores me.
UNA: Why do you always have to ruin everything.
VUKAN: Go by yourself.
UNA hysterically changes the music. Runs around the room. Vukan is watching her.
UNA: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
VUKAN: Who's looking at you?
UNA: Lets go for a while, if it's boring we'll come back.
VUKAN: I can't really.
UNA: Why?
VUKAN: Because I can't, get it?
UNA: I don't get it.
VUKAN: Then I don't know what to tell you.
UNA: Every fucking night we go to that fucking hole and now it's boring for some reason...
VUKAN: It swallows me.
UNA: You're high.
VUKAN: Yeah...
UNA: We planned it.
VUKAN: Sit down.
UNA doesn't sit.
UNA: I mean, I'll be there... all the time... with you... if that bothers you...
VUKAN: Go get some vodka.


Dejana in front of the mirror in the restroom at The Hole. This scene is supposed to be like a preparation battle, putting on makeup like putting on armor. Dejana is talking on the cell phone. Una comes into the restroom and stands in front of the mirror. They smile at each other.
DEJANA: How can I know... I don't care I have a shooting in ten minutes... this idiot hasn't arrived yet... I don't have time for that... I have to look... wait a second... fuck! (she hangs up) Hey.
UNA: Hi.
DEJANA: My makeup is running.
DEJANA's cell rings.
DEJANA: They're crazy (she answers it) What?... I don't know... (hangs up)
UNA: The world is going mad.
DEJANA: Can anything go my way today?
UNA: Have a tissue.
DEJANA: Thanks. Here, try this lipstick; I think it'll look good on you.
UNA: The color is nice.
DEJANA: I got it at the set yesterday but it's too subtle for me.
Una puts the lipstick on, Dejana watches.
DEJANA: You have such a great nose!
UNA: Thanks.
DEJANA: It's so perfect.
UNA: Do you have a brush or something?
DEJANA starts taking out a whole hair salon out of her purse.
DEJANA: Pick and choose.
DEJANA puts makeup on her eyes.
UNA: How can you draw a line so thin?
DEJANA: Years of experience. Can you watch my purse, I have to change the stockings?
UNA: Yeah, sure.
Dejana goes to the cabin. Una goes through her purse. Dejana off.
DEJANA: Who did you come with?
UNA: Vukan.
DEJANA: I was talking to his dad the other day and we were both wondering is he's really writing that novel or faking it to avoid the work.
UNA: He should finish it soon.
Dejana comes out of the cabin.
DEJANA: That's what he always says.
UNA: He just doesn't like being bugged.
DEJANA: If only he would stop bugging me to read all those fucking versions of the same story, I mean It's okay in some way I was the first one that gave him the idea but I'm so busy now, I don't even have time to breath...
UNA: Well, that's how he is.
DEJANA: He doesn't get the fact that he doesn't have to be with me in order to write.
UNA: It'll pass...
DEJANA: Tell me something... did he cut out that part with the old albino...
UNA: I think so.
DEJANA: That's totally going overboard.
UNA: Yeah... well... I'm going inside.
DEJANA: Call me if something comes up with Vukan.
UNA: No problem.
DEJANA: And Una...
UNA: Yes?
DEJANA: Thanks for taking care of him.
UNA: You're welcome.
Una exits.


Vukan is at the bar. DJ enters.
DJ: Hey.
VUKAN: O, hi.
DJ: Wassup?
VUKAN: Nothing special. Playing tonight?
DJ: No, just came by.
VUKAN: It's been empty all night. Boring.
DJ: I was leaving anyway.
VUKAN: Me too.
DJ (to the barman): Tequila. Want something?
VUKAN: No, thanks.
DJ: Where's Una?
VUKAN: I don't know.
DJ: Tell her I stopped by if you see her.
UNA enters.
UNA: Hey.
DJ: Where were you?
VUKAN: I'm leaving.
UNA: Wait, where are you going?
VUKAN: To walk around... home... don't know...
DJ: Are you going?
UNA: Wait, Vukan!
VUKAN: It's okay. Go. See you later.
DJ: Let's go.
UNA: I'll come over...
DJ pulls her by the hand. She goes with him. Vukan goes to the other side.


The two scenes are taking place simultaneously.
On one side, Vukan enters his apartment. On the other side, Una and DJ.
DJ: Why did you call me?
UNA: Felt like it.
DJ: You know I don't like being pushed around.
UNA: You didn't have to come.
DJ: Slut.
UNA: That's why you love me the most.
DJ: I don't give a fuck.
UNA: Come on.
DJ: What?
UNA: You didn't come here to be gentle.
He grabs her jaw.
UNA: You can do much better than that.
DJ: Do you want me to piss in your mouth, hippie?
UNA wants to kiss him.
DJ: What the... Whore!
UNA: What is this?
DJ: What?
UNA: This sound.
DJ: You're hallucinating, bitch.
UNA: I knew it. I knew it.
DJ: What do you know?
UNA: Stop.
DJ: Who are you gonna tell to stop? What do you want? You done some acid? Huh? Have you? Have you, bitch?
UNA: So beautiful.
DJ: Who's beautiful?
UNA: The sound.
DJ: Will you stop it, bitch!
UNA: When you call me bitch, it sounds so wonderful.
DJ: Why're you looking at me like that?
UNA: Like what?
DJ: Like you want to...
UNA: Well I do want to suck your cock.
DJ: You've always been a bitch.
UNA: A bitch.
DJ: What do you want?
UNA: Nothing.
DJ: You can only blow me. Nothing else. I'm not gonna fuck you. No way, bitch.
UNA: Why not?
DJ: Because I say so! I'll fuck you in the mouth until you start crying. I'll stick it in your throat so hard that it hurts, and at some point, when you're not able to breathe anymore, you'll beg me to stop and I'll just stick it further and then at some point you'll shed a tear and that's when I'll come.
UNA: Fuck me!
DJ: No, slut! I told you!
UNA: I thought you've changed your mind.
DJ: Shut up, bitch! Will you?
UNA: No.
DJ: I'll kill you, you pathetic bitch!
DJ: You'll be sorry.
UNA: Never.
He hits her. She falls to the floor.
DJ: Didn't I tell you to shut up?
She's quiet.
DJ: Now what? What are you whimpering for? Whimper, bitch! You just go ahead and whimper. You want to suck it? Suck it, then! Come on... Put it in your mouth. Like that... Come on, easy. Do you love it, bitch? Want me to hit you again? Say you love it! Say it bitch!
He hits her.
DJ: I'll smash your fucking head you stupid whore.
UNA: Let me go!
DJ: You're not going anywhere. Say you love it bitch!
UNA: I love it.
DJ: That's right... You love it. Suck it, bitch. Don't stop. That's right... Love it. That's right, bitch. Faster! Mind the teeth! More gently! Take it all the way now, quickly! Is that tears I see? Cry, bitch. Don't you dare throw up on me! I'll kill you! You know? I'll smash you!
UNA: Have you finished?
DJ: Don't you 'have you finished' me! Who do you think you are? No, I haven't. Have you?
UNA: I have.
DJ: You're lying, bitch! Who taught you to lie? I'll kill you!
UNA: This sound... That's what made me come.
DJ: I'll kill you, crazy bitch! What the fuck do you think you are. I'll bash your head in!
UNA: That's how I imagined it would sound...
DJ: What would sound? What are you talking about?
UNA: Love.
She falls to the floor.
He kicks her. She doesn't move. He leaves quickly.
At the same time, Vukan takes his heroin accessories out, cooks some heroin up and shoots up.
This coincides with DJ hitting Una and Una falling to the floor.
Vukan slides into being stoned as Una says the last line, 'Love'.
Lights on Una and Vukan only. Their lines intertwine.
VUKAN: If only...
UNA: I had a dream...
VUKAN: I had a bicycle...
UNA: I woke up one morning...
VUKAN: It could be a small one...
UNA: And I had no idea where I was...
VUKAN: With tiny thin tires...
UNA: I started walking down the street and finally started recognizing the buildings...
VUKAN: And a big loud bell...
UNA: I came to the building where a friend of mine lived...
VUKAN: I sat on the bus and rode along the streets...
UNA: I'm passing through the hallway. By the door of a stinking old hag on floor one...
VUKAN: Everything around me blends together, I have no idea where I am...
UNA: I find the keys at the stairs...
VUKAN: Just colors, passing me by, as if I were on acid...
UNA: I climb to the second floor. Water from a neighbors flat floods me...
VUKAN: Like in an airless space...
UNA: The water is taking me to the basement. I have to swim up the stairs...
VUKAN: I haven't felt this light for a long time...
UNA: Finally I manage to get to the apartment number 13.
VUKAN: I keep riding, but everything around me stops...
UNA: I knock on the door, exhausted.
VUKAN: As if I were trapped in a surrealist painting.
UNA: The door opens slowly.
VUKAN: I was in a room.
UNA: Nothing there but me.
VUKAN: Memory made me sick.
UNA: I had no friends.
VUKAN: I stopped taking care of love...
UNA: I heard it never brings anything good.
VUKAN: I was comfortable being indifferent.
UNA: I crawled along the wooden floor, pricking my ears.
VUKAN: I kept getting up and marked the spot where my body used to lie with a piece of chalk.
UNA: I killed the cockroach with my shoe.
VUKAN: Those were the only moments I made any sound.
UNA: Never used candles.
VUKAN: I hated the light of them.
UNA: Nights are lonely, yet comforting.
VUKAN: My mornings smelled of void.
UNA: I got bored.
VUKAN: Nothing there but me.
UNA: I'll never go back to that place.
VUKAN: I'm just bored.
UNA: It irritates me.
VUKAN: Small stings.
UNA: They don't hurt me enough.
VUKAN: That's the point.
UNA: You managed to live through the winter?
VUKAN: The socket broke.
UNA: Eternal love.
VUKAN: Who screwed you up.
UNA: Light is delusion.
VUKAN: I went to the window and closed the shutters.
UNA: I took off my shirt and went to the bed.
VUKAN: I screwed the light bulb in.
UNA: I pressed the light switch on the wall.
VUKAN: Light started leaking from the lamp.
UNA: I couldn't see a thing, for a moment.
VUKAN: I think I couldn't.
UNA: Then I fell asleep.


Vukan lies on the floor of his room, stoned. Una enters his apartment. She is beaten up. She sits next to him. They're silent for a while and then she looks at him.
UNA: Go get some vodka.


1 Of a medication
2 Liter
3 In Serbian, DJ’s using a distinctly masculine form of the word hippie and it sounds very derogatory in this particular case
4 Traditional hangout of prostitutes in Belgrade

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