S C E N A : T h e a t r e ..A r t s ..R e v i e w
Novi Sad, 2006/2007 . ..No. 20 . .January-December . .YU ISSN 0036-5743 .

d r a m a


Born in Belgrade in 1978. He completed his course of studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Dramaturgy.

Produced Plays
The Bench – Belgrade Drama Theatre, directed by Goran Ruskuc (Josip Kulundzic Award of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts)
Good Morning Mr. Rabbit – Dusko Radovic Theatre, directed by Jelena Bogavac
Public Readings of Good Morning Mr. Rabbit at the National Theatre in Belgrade and in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published Plays
Dobro jutro, gospodine Zeko / Good Morning Mr. Rabbit – ("Scena", Novi Sad, Oct-Dec. 2005; "Tmalcart – Nova srpska drama", Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nov. 2006)
The Green House ("Teatron", 2004)

2004 – his drama The Green House won the award of the Vienna "Menchenbuehne Theatre"
2005 and 2006 – worked as the assistant during the training of practical dramaturgy (organized by the Tkh Belgrade/Maska Ljubljana/Frakcija Zagreb)
November 2006 – took part in organizing the new drama festival "PreGlej na glas!" in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Translated by Gordana KAMENAROVIC

Dramaturg’s Note


"The fact is”, says Borges, "that every writer creates his own precursors”. Considering that things are mainly this way, in the case of Milan Markovic, i.e. his drama Dobro jutro, g. Zeko / Good Morning Mr. Rabbit, many things should be reinvented on that level, i.e. reconstructed in the path of contemporary Serbian dramaturgy. That, of course, does not mean that this innovative dramatic expression – the history of tearing the triangle of reality, subject, and art – does not have a certain prehistory: fellow soldiers, so to say, if not direct precursors. The roots of the subject matter and the artistic approach that implode in Markovic’s drama can be traced back to the lyrical phantasmagoria Centrifugalni igrac / The Centrifugal Dancer by Todor Manojlovic (1930); the ascetic subtle cynicism of the dialogues follows in the footsteps imprinted by the dark glow of Velimir Lukic’s farces from the 60’s (to be precise, the play Dugi zivot kralja Osvalda / The Long Life of King Oswald); the protean fertility of plots and the unstoppable suspicion about every level of reality, Markovic creatively (and, apparently unconsciously – which is real poetic logic) inherits from the unique and exceptional play Magna Carta by our prematurely burned out dramatic meteor Mario Rosi. Yet – there is an energy flow of innovation, introducing Markovic’s intrigue on Mr. Rabbit as a feat with no essential ensample: a drama that suggests (and starts to realize) a fundamentally different dimension in our theatrical milieu.
The breakage in this play, to start with the most visible, is attractively presented in relation to the so cold modernist Subject (I, broken by creation hysteria and reality paranoia) against the ultra-post-modernist "aura” of mass media: the SF-narration props, the ambience of digital/video "toys”… and, above all, the paradigm of animation as an ironic principle of (Anti)Reality. From a playfull, slightly absurd, at first glance Woody Allen-like psychoseanse (guessing which reality is "real”), Milan Markovic goes to the level that the insolubility of the mentioned dilemma – who invents whom and is a medicine worse than the disease – turns into the basic driving force of a new reverse connection:
"I think, recon – brains is a fucked up player. Integrating into every part of the system, it’s worse than Microsoft software… And then it drains the resources and constantly breaks down, creating system failures”…
The demand for solving the dilemma on "real reality” is, as the implosive illusionism of the drama Good Morning Mr. Rabbit subtly presents, just another trick of the possessive spirit of A Story: if the carrot is real, why would the Rabbit be less real (the associative chain that implodes within the senses and memories of the "cartoonoholics”). If - we pursue the paradoxically serial of Markovic’s game – there is an infinite number of stories (the "Million Window Ship”), than the story we have entered, the story of Rabbit/Jovan, is a tissue that is to be peeled off into a million layers. Moreover, Jovan, A-Hero-Turned-Author, has to lose his life (job, Mira) in order to achieve his own chance to tell a story. On the other hand – and Markovic’s illusionism of double cuts lays in his very ability to suggest to us that it is the same – Mr. Rabbit, A-Hero-Turned-Author, has to conquer all the possible and available fascination ("double helix” chain), to reach the poetic-reality point, the time/space within which the taste of the carrot is indubitable – and the possible meaning (of the story and life) is achieved.
And, what is the carrot: a Story, a Hero, an Author, or some other, hidden Creator? In the quiet, consequent radicalism of Markovic’s reverse connection, only imagination does not implode: in a single explosion of Neo-Dadaistic morality, a temporary defeat means only that the Story does not stand in between the Hero and the Author (whoever they were). Still, there is the carrot.

Svetislav JOVANOV
Translated by Gordana KAMENAROVIC



Doctor is sitting and writing. Knocking at the door.
DOCTOR: Come in, come in…
Mr. Rabbit enters the room.
DOCTOR: Mr. Rabbit, please, come in.
Doctor puts out his cigarette and lights another one.
DOCTOR: Please take a seat. Well, how do you feel today?

DOCTOR: MR. Rabbit?
Mr. RABBIT: You won't break me.
DOCTOR: What makes you think that I want to... break you?
Mr. RABBIT: I know what you're doing. And it won't work.
DOCTOR: What is it that I'm doing?
DOCTOR: At least give it a try, please Mr. Rabbit... It is completely up to you to get better. You are sick, but to a certain extent, it is a matter of decision, if you know what I mean. You can choose whether to help yourself or not.
Mr. RABBIT: I'm choosing not to be here. But that choice seems to be impossible, doesn’t it?
DOCTOR: That's right.
DOCTOR: You don't look well.
Mr. RABBIT: I know.
DOCTOR: How’s your head? Is it healing?
Mr. RABBIT: I guess. Doesn’t hurt as much... But I still can't...
DOCTOR: You have to stop treating yourself badly.
Mr. RABBIT: I couldn't sleep last night.
DOCTOR: Nurse told me. You had dreams again?
Mr. RABBIT: No. Not dreams.
DOCTOR: But you said...
Mr. RABBIT: These are not dreams...
DOCTOR: Yes... (Pause) And what are they? I mean if they were not dreams, perhaps you have some idea...
Mr. RABBIT: They are memories.
DOCTOR: Memories... Interesting...
DOCTOR: You don't think that I want to ruin you anymore?
Mr. RABBIT: I know that you want to ruin me; it's just that I don't have any more strength to fight.
DOCTOR: That’s good... a good sign...
Bunny smiles.
DOCTOR: Yes... you are taking your pills regularly?
Mr. RABBIT: I am.
DOCTOR: Well, let me tell you something... Despite the boundaries of our roles in this situation, I see our relationship as an open and honest one, so I will speak to you in that manner. Besides, we have discussed this already...
Mr. RABBIT: Yes...
DOCTOR: These are not memories.
Mr. RABBIT: Yes...
DOCTOR: These can't be memories. I'm sure you know it yourself Mr. Rabbit?
Mr. RABBIT: Yes. I guess so. I don’t know.
DOCTOR: I've been thinking a lot about you. I believe you are aware that these can't be memories, but it seems that part of your personality cannot give up this fixation. That must be really hard... just look at yourself. You are a broken man. You've got to take it easy on yourself; otherwise you will destroy yourself... Talk to me.
Mr. RABBIT: I can't. I know you know everything already, this whole situation...
DOCTOR: Act as if I don't. Play the game if it's easier that way.
Mr. RABBIT: It’s like... mostly they are short episodes, stories... or smells, a lot of the times it's just smells....
DOCTOR: How often does it happen?
Mr. RABBIT: Often.
DOCTOR: Every day?
Bunny nods his head.
Mr. RABBIT: Sometimes I see faces... familiar, dear faces... (He smiles.) These are not dreams...
DOCTOR: They don't have to be... you are remembering people from your past...
Mr. RABBIT: You don't understand, these faces...
DOCTOR: Tell me...
Mr. RABBIT: ...Are not human.
DOCTOR: Aha... (Pause.) But who is John? The name sounds pretty... human?
DOCTOR: Do you remember our conversation from last Tuesday?
Mr. RABBIT: I was talking about John?
DOCTOR: You mentioned him, yes... you said that he's very important to you for some reason.
Mr. RABBIT: I don't believe you. I don't believe I told you about John.
DOCTOR: How do you think I found out? Don’t worry Mr. Rabbit. No rush, we are here now. Tell me more.
Mr. RABBIT: When he appeared it seemed like just another story. A perfect opportunity for an intervention.
DOCTOR: An intervention?
Mr. RABBIT: That’s what I call them... creative interventions. Aesthetically, it makes sense – red light, swinging in rhythm, hair covering the face – all in all, a complete image, but the story... the story desperately needed an intervention.


John is sitting at the table writing.
BOSS: The list is here.
JOHN (Startled): From the second floor?
BOSS: Yes. Unpleasant task, I must say, but I remembered to buy these toys, real sweet, aren't they? I figured people would take being fired easier when they get a gift; and you know I was right. You should have seen Jelica, crying from happiness.
BOSS: And you, are you satisfied with this job?
JOHN: I am satisfied.
BOSS: Of course, it's not easy to find a job nowadays...
BOSS: Is it?
JOHN: No, it’s not.
BOSS: You are a good boy, John.


Family is having lunch. John is playing with a toy – a bunny on a key chain. Mum and Dad (fat, wears big and ugly glasses) are watching a TV that isn’t working properly.
DAD: Fucking TV.
MUM: Eat a bit more.
Dad laughs.
JOHN: Dad, why are you laughing?
DAD: It’s nothing.

DAD: The same old story.
JOHN: What story?
MUM: Leave it, Bozidar...
DAD: I won't leave it, Ivanka. If it was just once, I would... and what is that bunny to you anyway? When will you stop being an idiot, John?
JOHN: I got it as a gift.
DAD: You got it as a gift. You’re thirty, why didn't they give you a watch?
MUM: Stop fighting at the table, it's not nice...
DAD: And you Ivanka, for fuck's sake, you are always on his side. It’s no wonder he's like this. Just look at him. Why are you making faces?
JOHN: I am not feeling well. I am really not feeling well today, dad.
MUM: Would you like some of dad's vitamin drink?
DAD: Fucking vitamin drink.
MUM: Bozidar, please! What do I need to do to stop you from swearing? (Pause.) Maybe he just needs some vitamins. John, do you need vitamins?
JOHN: I don't know.
MUM: Try some, it won't hurt you. Are you buying some for Mira? You have to take care of her.
JOHN: I am.
DAD: Ivanka, you are fantasizing, like vitamin juice is gonna help her. You know real well what would help her...
MUM: I agree, John. Her parents are surely asking what it is that you want, what your intentions are...
JOHN: Mum...
MUM: What?
DAD: Leave your mother alone.
MUM: I can take care of myself, Bozidar, thanks.
DAD: Oh, excuse me please...
MUM: ...poor girl might think something's wrong with her.
JOHN: I can’t take it anymore. Why don’t you understand, I just can't take it, I am going to kill myself.
Pause. TV loses the channel again.
DAD: Fucking TV!


Mira sits on the other side of the table.
MIRA: I want to help you John, but I can't if you keep being silent.
JOHN: What do you mean 'keep silent'? Can’t you hear me?
MIRA: I can hear you but I don't understand you.
JOHN: I don’t feel well.
MIRA: Okay, come to me. It’s not the end of the world.
Pause. John goes to Mira, puts his head in Mira’s lap like a little child.
MIRA: You hated that job anyway.
JOHN (Shouting): I hated it but I hate being without it more.
MIRA: I can't hear you. You know I can't hear you when you shout.
JOHN: How come you don't hear me!?
MIRA: I can't hear you.
MIRA: We’ve really made things complicated.
JOHN: Please, don't.
MIRA: We haven't done anything we planned. What happened with the closet? Haven’t we agreed on buying an American closet by the end of the month...?
JOHN: Please!
MIRA: John, I'm not saying it's your fault, I'm just saying it's not working.
JOHN: Fuck you.
JOHN: Where are you going? Mira!?
MIRA: I can’t stand it anymore.
JOHN: Mira! Come back! Well fuck you too.
Pause. John gets out and comes back with a rope which he ties to the chandelier. He puts the noose around his neck.
JOHN: Fuck you all.
John jumps from the chair, but Bunny (Mr. Rabbit with bunny ears) unties the rope and John falls down flat on his ass. When he recovers, John climbs the chair even more determined. He ties the rope really well, checks if it's strong enough, but just when he was about to jump, Bunny unties the rope again, and he falls again.
Mr. RABBIT (Munching a carrot.): How much longer?
JOHN: W…what?
Mr. RABBIT: I mean I can let you fall all day, but I'm afraid you might hurt yourself.

Mr. RABBIT: John?
Bunny pulls another carrot out of his fur and offers it to John. John steps back fearfully.
JOHN: What the fuck are you?
Mr. RABBIT: I am Bunny.
JOHN: What is this, what's going on?
Mr. RABBIT: Take it easy, John. What's going on is that you were about to kill yourself, which is, the way I figure it, 500.000 times crazier than the fact that you are talking with a rabbit. Take some, chill.
John takes a carrot. They are both munching.
JOHN: You are not real.
Mr. RABBIT: If you say so. (Pause.) Tastes okay?
JOHN: It does.
Mr. RABBIT: So the carrot is ok and I'm not. That’s not nice.
JOHN: Sorry.
Mr. RABBIT: It's alright.
They are munching in silence. John looks at Mr. Bunny from time to time.
Mr. RABBIT: You are amazingly real.
JOHN: Thanks, you are as well.
Mr. RABBIT: No, seriously. I have a feeling I really know you, I mean, I know you, know what I mean?
Mr. RABBIT: Well there are these moments in life, unlike the rest of the moments, when a rabbit's... or a man's... awareness reaches higher, or, better yet, deeper levels. Moments of dimension overlap, collapsing of reality aspects – implosion of meaning... (Looks at John who stooped munching his carrot.) …never mind, but I would love it if all this could last just a little bit longer... don't know how to explain ... It's a pity.
JOHN: Can you make wishes come true?
Mr. RABBIT: Could be, let’s see... (Pause.) Yes, why not, I make wishes come true. What do you want?
JOHN: Don’t know... it's hard. I'm not good enough for anyone.
Bunny takes a pad and pen out of his fur.
Mr. RABBIT: Wait... (He’s writing.) To be cool for everyone, right?
JOHN: I would like all this to stop… to disappear.
Mr. RABBIT: ...To disappear... Some wish.
John looks as if he could take a nap...
Mr. RABBIT: Hey, don't overdo it. (He takes the carrot.) so you like the carrot?
JOHN: Real nice, Bunny. That’s an unusually bitter flavor on the palate, though.
Mr. RABBIT: Yes, it does that...
JOHN: Bunny?
Mr. RABBIT: Yes.
JOHN: Can you please tell me what's going on...?
Mr. RABBIT: That’s a hell of a question John. Depends on where you stand, many things are happening. I heard you could have a rocking night out in town. Although I haven’t been here long. I'm just passing by.
JOHN: I'm a little bit scared...
Mr. RABBIT: Don’t waste your time on that.
Bunny gives him back the carrot.
Mr. RABBIT: Try to let go of a cause and effect relations, logics and other bollocks, for a moment. I mean, I understand intellect can be a fucked up player. It integrates into the system, all the little bits of it, worse than the Microsoft software... and then it's eating resources, breaking all the time, crashing the system... (John's head falls.) and then – Panic. I know, but it's not easy for me either, lets face it – always on the move, never resting, and all the parties and all the girls and boys, all the kittens and puppies and dolphins, from one end of the galaxy to the other, one state of aggregation to another... not easy. That’s why I have to make the occasional pause. Otherwise I would go mad, I swear. (John falls asleep.) Just take a look at him. Bastard takes a bite and he's finished. That’s OK, John, get some rest... (He reads what he wrote.) that I'm good for everyone and that I disappear… Hm.


Doctor: Good day Mr. Rabbit. Please, have a seat...
Mr. RABBIT: Good day.
DOCTOR: How do you feel today?
Mr. RABBIT: I feel... good.
DOCTOR: How’s your head?
Mr. RABBIT: My head is fine as well. Doesn’t hurt anymore.
DOCTOR: Good. That’s good.
DOCTOR: Do you remember what we talked about last time?
Mr. RABBIT: Sort of. Lately, my memory has... I think it's the medications...
DOCTOR: You talked about your fantasies in which you were some kind of an intergalactic rabbit, like a... super-being... helping people in need...
Mr. RABBIT: I'm not helping anyone. I'm just making up... stories...
DOCTOR: But you did help John.
Mr. RABBIT: Yes, I helped John. That would be the first time I directly interfered. Before I was just observing...
DOCTOR: Yes...
Projection – along with Bunny's story: first images of the world – protests, environmental catastrophes, and then a spaceship with billions of windows.
Mr. RABBIT: At first these were just intensive events; I would see a desperate face, or I would hear crying, wailing, screaming. I wouldn't pay attention because it was back then, when I lived a very disorderly life – I thought it was just a flashback and I thought – it would go away. But as time passed, the situation got more serious, the whole new world started to emerge a  billion destines, nations, civilizations. I was amazed at what my mind is able to produce. The network of relations was getting more and more complicated, so I slowly figured out something was definitely out of order.
One image would appear particularly often: me on a pier, and in front of me a ship with a billion windows. A big black spaceship floating on waves in complete silence. I knew that each window brings a story. And I knew it was there for me. And then one day I decided to go in.
DOCTOR: And that's how you met John.
Mr. RABBIT: No. He came later.
DOCTOR: And where is John now? How did the story end?
Mr. RABBIT: I'm not sure... can't remember...
DOCTOR: Well can you remember anything else concerning John?
Mr. RABBIT: Yes. I can remember you.
Mr. RABBIT: Yes, you. I can remember the day you met John.
DOCTOR: Aha, so I know John, too?
Mr. RABBIT: Yes.
DOCTOR: You have introduced him to me?
Mr. RABBIT: In a way, yes... I wasn't there when it happened, but...
DOCTOR: Why do you call them memories, then?
Mr. RABBIT: Excuse me?
DOCTOR: I mean how can you remember the event you haven't even witnessed?
Mr. RABBIT: Easily. I can remember because I made it up. Just like John for that matter...
DOCTOR: Then you must have made me up as well...
Mr. RABBIT: That’s right.
DOCTOR: And it doesn't bother you, I mean the fact that you are talking to the product of your imagination, what’s more, expecting some sort of help from me, as a doctor, aren’t you...?
Mr. RABBIT: No it doesn't, no. These days, nothing bothers me. And I don't expect any help; I'm expecting you to make an obedient plant of out me.
DOCTOR: Very well, then. Tell me about John...


John wakes up. Two men in suits stand beside him. One of them – No. One – is the Doctor from the first scene.
No. ONE (To No. Two): He’s waking up... (To John) Good day.
No. TWO: Good day. (Pause.) Why is he silent?
No. ONE: I don't know. (To John) Good morning John.
JOHN: Who are you?
No. ONE: We are here to help.
JOHN: What are you doing here, how did you get in? Mira!
No. ONE: Mira is not here, John. Don't get upset.
JOHN: What you mean ‘Don’t get upset’? What are you doing here, who invited you?
No. ONE: A friend of yours...
JOHN: I have no friends, you've made a mistake...
No. Two takes out a big metal plate, size a4.
No. ONE: I don't think so. Would you be so kind to put your hand where it's marked?
John obeys. No. Two reads the results then continues to look around the flat.
JOHN: This is 6a, further down the hall is 6b, maybe...
No. ONE: You can be sure it' not a mistake, relax... we've studied your case in detail and you are a perfect match.
JOHN: What do you mean?
No. ONE: John, you've been chosen... Tomorrow you could be the one people admire, the one women fantasize about, the one everyone knows and loves…
Confused little break.
No. ONE: So, say something.
JOHN: Why me?
No. ONE: Believe me, you are the first one to ask that kind of question. You couldn't recognize fortune if it hit you in the face. We are here for your sake John. Look…
No. Two gives John a drink, and helps him sit more comfortabley. Projection on the screen – images of mankind progress. Bunny walks in munching a carrot, he’s also listening to the lecture with interest.
No. ONE: Our task is noble. It’s actually simpler than it looks. It’s not the quotes, percents, I don't know... probing of market, corporate integrations, and deregulation laws. The thing in question is a much simpler matter. It’s the spending. When a country is in crisis, the best thing to do is to make people spend more. That’s why people need to have higher salaries, because it is not just salary, it's the purchasing power. If a country is in war, just like ours was up until recently, spending is the biggest patriotic act. If women are in question, buying makes them more feminine and younger, and men become wiser and more potent. There are at least two ways in which we are taking care of the environment while spending and buying. First would be just the act of buying a product since the packaging says that these products are environment friendly, and besides, the money earned this way is invested in the research of safer and cleaner substitutes for used resources. (By patenting living species we are saving them from extinction.) One of the consequences of your engagement is rooting out the poverty, because all of the money that’s being distributed to the people through charities and social help credit for those who spent their money and in that way fill the state reserves and private funds. Spending finances science, which is used for improving the old and producing new products which will again increase the spending. And of course, without spending there would be no soul food – art and fate. If there was no spending, how would we finance building temples, schools; how would we pay our artists – those eternal bearers of human suffering. So, spending and money itself become materialized social communication, the bare essence of human actions. (Break.) You John have a holy task – to make this world a better place. To the ordinary man, lonely and scared like you used to be, you offer a vision of life he maybe knows doesn’t exist, but longs for. You offer him hope that, besides a gray everyday life, there is a possibility of a pink-and-blue one; you offer him fate in a predictable, perfectly balanced system. And that is, you must admit, a noble task.
Applause. Images on the screen. Light on:
ELDERLY WOMAN (Sitting in front of the ironing board, but not ironing): Shit. Bullshit.
No. ONE: John, are you ready?
JOHN: I’m supposed to do something?
No. ONE: Yes, you need to make her happy. If you make her happy, you’ll make us all happy, understand?
JOHN: Not really.
No. ONE: Well, you will. Just listen for now.
ELDERLY WOMAN: Shit. (Takes the remote, switches the TV on, stands up and starts ironing.) I knew it. I’ve been such a fool… working overtime, transition, privatization, my ass. Of course I knew he’d been cheating on me, but what was I waiting for, I don’t know… a miracle to happen... for someone to tell me my husband is not the piece of shit that he is, but a wonderful and devoted husband. But he’s not a wonderful and devoted husband, he’s a piece of shit. Stinky bastard. And all those years, repairing the car, the white one, broken carburetor, sew ripped clothes, fix the house – to shit on it. (Pause.) Convincing myself I couldn’t live without him, that it’s love, my ass… I don’t even know anymore… Maybe I really can’t do it… Stupid cripple. A dog without a leg. I remember when I was younger, and Jasmina, Ivana and I got together, it was always that… something. When you walk down the street, the street walks with you. Now there’s nothing… you’re gone, and Jasmina, Ivana, and the street as well. Do you know what I want to say?
JOHN: I do.
ELDERLY WOMAN: I don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s not too late… What’s Jasmina up to? She must be rummaging through her purse, looking for glasses or make up… or vegetables that she spilled in the lift. (Laughs.) She was always a clumsy cow…
John pulls the envelope out of his jacket. Hands it to the Elderly woman.
No. ONE: Not good!
Elderly woman is silently staring at the envelope.
No. ONE: Money is not the solution in this case.
Elderly woman puts the clothes on and runs out.
JOHN: Why?
No. ONE: It’s an instant solution, it’s not real happiness. Secondly we can guess, in this case maybe know for certain where this money’s going to end up, although it’s not always like that. Some people are unpredictable.
Elderly woman is coming back with bags full of stuff, but No. One intercepts her, takes the bags and brings them back. Elderly woman gets back to her ironing with slight disappointment.
ELDERLY WOMAN: What it was I don’t know. Was I blind or I wanted to be blind… it must be that I wanted to be blind, because otherwise I would have to do something and I like it better if I don’t need to do anything. Ah Mirko… my Mirko, my ass… sewing the ripped clothes, renovate the house, fucking house. (Pause.) Convince yourself that you can’t live without him, that’s love, my ass… stupid cripple. Stupid dog. (Pause.) Maybe it’s not too late… I wonder what Jasmina is doing now, clumsy cow…
John gives her a red rose. Elderly woman’s face is lit up, but only for a second because No. One takes the rose and throws it away. Elderly woman continues ironing.
No. ONE: No John, no! A rose, are you insane!
JOHN: I thought…
No. ONE: Are you listening at all?
JOHN: I am.
No. ONE: It is not you who is important here, understand? You’ve got to forget your problems and insecurities and all that nonsense and concentrate on her. She’s important and nobody else. That makes us different John. Not because we are big but because we care about ordinary, little people. (Break) We don’t want her to leave her husband. What is she going to do, a housewife, go back to her parents? What are the consequences of that? Think John, think.
ELDERLY WOMAN: Piece of shit. Fucking around. In the office, she must be young and pretty, a blonde. Meetings, no way… I needed time, but now its all clear. (Pause.) It all fits in… all those nights you cow, all the trips, you cow… and you were not always like this, you were young and pretty as well, like that New Year’s in the red dress and him as well… in love and drunk as a pig. If only God let me see him as I see him now. Stupid dog. It’s when you walk down the street, and the street walks with you. Now there’s nothing… no Jasmina, no Ivana…
No. ONE (Lands the sexy red dress on the ironing board.): You are still young and pretty. Men are clumsy when it comes to emotions, but they are devoted and hard working.
ELDERLY WOMAN (Takes the dress all excited.): That’s right; Mirko is having hard time with emotions… (Laughs silly.) How do I look?
No. ONE: Wonderful.
Red light saying "happiness” flashes on and off.
No. ONE: That’s it.
JOHN: Looks easy when you do it.
No. ONE: In fact it is, when you put some effort into it. But don’t worry. Some things need time.
No. One walks away.
Mr. RABBIT: Yes, yes. Perfect creation, what about it, brother? I’m not some wise guy, you know, but I know how to ride. Mr. Rabbit knows how to ride… People say it’s God, hell no. It’s a little bird. A little bird sitting on your shoulder, and when you go about messing things up, running around making trouble, it just flies away, and it takes a long time for it to come back. And when it’s back… The feeling is incredible. You know everything’s ok, you’re calm, content… just knowing it’s there.
JOHN: Bird you say…
Mr. RABBIT (With a hip-hop beat): You are here on my shoulder
When I’m in balance
And when I feel like running
You are here – on my shoulder
You look at me with your eyes
As if you have contacts in.
Because you are here on my shoulder
When I’m in balance
And when I feel like running
You are here – on my shoulder
You look like a little blue bird
But you seem to know all my secrets.
JOHN: Hallo Bunny
Mr. RABBIT: Hey, John, it’s you. Sorry, but today is a beautiful day. Powerful feeling… Look now: dusk, meadow in front of the forest. Silence. Or better sounds from bugs and little animals… little bit of nature won’t hurt? (Smells the air.) Natural inhalation… What do you say, man?
JOHN: It’s nice.
Mr. RABBIT: We can do it here, underneath this tree is fine.
They lie on the grass.
Mr. RABBIT: What a pleasure…
Mr. RABBIT: Say John, have I ever told you when I was a kid I fell from a lime tree?
JOHN: No you haven’t.
Mr. RABBIT: Never mind, here you are. (Hands him a carrot.) It’s a lovely night. I guess you don’t do this that often, I mean the whole deal of getting out to nature and that… Look up.
JOHN: What’s up there…?
Mr. RABBIT: Up there? It’s the two of us. (Pause.) Cosmos – it’s just a series of spiral connections…
JOHN: How do you know?
Mr. RABBIT: I know, trust me… a series of spiral connections making out the net in which each point is connected to every other point.
JOHN: And how many of these points are there?
Mr. RABBIT: Only one, actually.
JOHN: Fuck you.
Mr. RABBIT: You can be angry as much as you like, but that’s it. Plastic planets going round the plastic sun, while the music is playing (sings), and so on until the batteries die. And I’m walking along these plastic cracks of these plastic planets, jumping over plastic dunes and dancing to a moonlight sonata. And cosmic silence intoxicates me just like fresh carrot on a crystal spring morning. And the more I look at it, the more I don’t give a fuck. And do you know why? Because the real thing is to have your own piece of wilderness. That’s it. When you are bringing up your wilderness, not letting anyone else tame it, do you know what I mean?
Bunny has eaten the carrot, and John fell asleep.
Mr. RABBIT: Well fuck it.
Takes John’s carrot.
Mr. RABBIT: I am here on your shoulder
When you’re in balance
And when you feel like running
I am here – on your shoulder
I look at you with my eyes
As if I have contacts in.


DOCTOR (Stops the recorder.): Fine, I need to stop you now, the principle is clear. I'm not exactly sure about the role you gave me, but the principle is clear... and our time is up.
Doctor is writing.
DOCTOR: Since the whole thing went too far...
Mr. RABBIT: What do you mean?
DOCTOR: That means, Mr. Rabbit, that we are fighting for your sanity, and it looks like we are losing the battle. (Break) I still don’t understand where all that resistance to therapy comes from, and why I am a bad guy in your story…
DOCTOR: It is important, of course, that you continue to tell me everything you can remember, but we need to try to take you out of the irrational, or else there’s a chance you’ll stay there forever, and then it would be too late to try anything… take this…
Doctor hands the medication to Bunny and he swallows it.
DOCTOR: That’s the newest thing from Bayer. It should help you forget all of those fantasies. You will continue telling me more of your… memories in days to come, and the medicine should map out the dysfunctional parts of your brain and switch them off one by one. That way the healthy, functional part won’t be disturbed anymore.
Nurse (No. Two) helps Bunny stand up and takes him to his room.
DOCTOR: Maybe you will feel a bit dizzy – the effect of the medication is strong, but it doesn’t last long. The best thing to do is get some rest… when the medicine starts to work I’ll be by your side.
Bunny is lying on the bed. A bear and a fox are visiting him.
TEDDY: What’s up, bro…
FOX: Bunny, for God’s sake…
BUNNY: Teddy? Fox?
TEDDY: My, bro… look what they did to you…
FOX: Bunny, I missed you…
TEDDY: What have they done to your ears Bunny?
Mr. RABBIT: Get out of here, fast! If they see you…
TEDDY: Don’t you worry about us.
FOX: I can’t take this…
Mr. RABBIT: They won’t succeed…
FOX: No.
TEDDY: I don’t think so. Maybe just a little.
Mr. RABBIT: Not even a little.
TEDDY: What about this new medicine? Bayer. I mean it’s a brand bro…
Mr. RABBIT: It’s chemicals, only chemicals.
TEDDY: Only chemicals, only chemicals. Look at yourself. The chemicals have eaten you away. (Pause. Fox is crying in silence.) We’ve brought you some carrots. Stop crying, Fox, give him the carrot.
Fox and Bear sit on Bunny’s bed, munching. The carrot is going round.
TEDDY: And what do they want from you?
Mr. RABBIT: They want to take my memories away.
TEDDY: What would they need your memories for? As if they’re some memories.
Mr. RABBIT: This is an evil corporation eating out people’s souls. It’s their aim to turn us into plants.
TEDDY: If we were not in the hospital I would say you’re having a panic attack, bro … I mean Bunny you can do better then that… evil corporation… eating out souls… (Pause, laughs) although it’s not that bad, when I think about it…
TEDDY (Jamaican English with delay): Evil corporation... tion… tion…
Mr. RABBIT (Laughs): Tell me brother.
TEDDY: Its good, Bunny… groove on…
Munching in silence.
Mr. RABBIT: Let me ask you something Teddy… Now when…
Mr. RABBIT: When I’m here… I mean I’m not there… Know what I mean?

Mr. RABBIT: Are the two of you shagging? Don’t want to make an issue out of it…
Mr. RABBIT: Ok. Just asking.
Munching in silence.


John, No. One and Bunny are having coffee.
No. ONE: Some things just never change. All we need are differential characters – bearers of acts and of course a conflict...
Mr. RABBIT: Yeah right.
No. ONE: …And everything else is a matter of style. It’s the same old story... Yin-Yang, communism – capitalism, Dolce and Gabbana... you heard they broke up? Well that’s it, if you have plus and minus you also have current streaming between poles, and that current makes our machine work. You’ll get it in time. (Break) Can we move on?
PETER: At first I was just waiting, thinking I’ll hear from you. Then I stopped waiting. Why don’t you call me? I can’t understand it. I want to see you. I miss you. I miss you! I wrote that I’m ok, but I lied, I can’t go on living like this. I understand that in that moment it had to be like that, but now it is enough. I want you to come back, I want you to come home NOW, I want you to come home and have kids with me. Now. Or I will come there, I don’t care, I don’t care about the money. Even if you were in Europe and not Maldives, it’s all the same. I can’t take it anymore.
John brings him a lap-top.
PETER: Hey! Wait a minute…
John shows him how to go on-line.
JOHN: The microphone’s here, so when you speak, turn like this…
JOHN: And try to find ISDN or cable because the dial-up won’t be good enough…
PETER: Okay…
JOHN: Ready?
GIRL (voice from the speaker): Hey love!
PETER: Hey! Hi gorgeous!
GIRL: Hey…
PETER: If you could only see…
GIRL: I’ve been…
PETER: I was pissed off… what?
GIRL: What? I’m saying…
PETER: Nothing, go ahead…
GIRL: I just thought about how good it would be… (Broken line)… on-line… Juca also… Japan…
PETER: What was that?
GIRL: I’m saying… me? I LOVE YOU!
Red "happiness” light starts blinking.
PETER: Hey I love you too, fatty. 
No. ONE: Way to go, John.
JOHN: I’m beginning to understand…
No. ONE: That was a score. Look at him.
Peter is kissing the screen.
PETAR: See you tomorrow!
No. ONE: He is a happy man now. You made him a happy man. How does it feel?
PETER: Good. Great!
No. ONE: Very good John. You will be ready soon.


Doctor stops the voice recorder.
DOCTOR: Do you need a break?
Mr. RABBIT: No, it’s just... you were right. The whole time...
Mr. RABBIT: The more I talk... I feel more...
DOCTOR: You feel...
Mr. RABBIT: I feel better. Better and better... Like a few days ago... a friend was telling me about this fat guy he met. It was not a nice story because this fat person was full of tricks, but still I felt so... good... I’d say rocking.
DOCTOR: Well I’m glad we’re making progress Mr. Rabbit.
FOX: Bunny!
Mr. Rabbit turns to Fox and Doctor starts the voice recorder.


FOX: Bunny!
Mr. RABBIT: I’m here, chill…
FOX: Where’ve you been man, I’ve been waiting for three hours!
Mr. RABBIT: It’s not a reason to get upset…
FOX: It’s not a reason… Are you serious? You didn’t forget, did you?
Mr. RABBIT: C’mon relax, will you. What if I forgot...
FOX: I don’t believe it! Don’t you know what kind of hustle Teddy went through to put us on the list? He had to hang around with fucking Dexa and listen to her paranoid bullshit just so that you would tell me now that you’re not going!
Mr. RABBIT: I never said I’m not going. Fox, what is happening to you?
FOX: I don’t know Bunny, I never get to see you anymore. You’ve changed, always doing your thing, you have no time for me anymore. You remember how it used to be nice... Teddy says…
Mr. RABBIT: You keep talking about Teddy, is there something going on between you two?
FOX: You crazy!?
Mr. RABBIT: Sorry Fox, I’ve been a little bit confused for days now… It will be good again, you’ll see, just wait for this John thing to settle down…
JOHN: Hey Bunny, Fox.
Mr. RABBIT: Hi. (To Fox) Wait just a minute. (To John) Talk to me man, I am in a kind of mix-up right now.
JOHN: Are you coming with me? I have to practice for the final test.
Mr. RABBIT: There is a final test, too? No way, man, my bird, I mean, my fox is in a fuss, I have to take care of that first.
JOHN: No problem, see you later. I’ll be around.
FOX: See what I’m talking about?
Mr. RABBIT: Try to understand, John and I have a special relationship. Pure metaphysics.
FOX: C’mon, Bunny…
Mr. RABBIT: No, for real… I don’t know if it ever happened before – that creator and creation communicate so directly, without the agency of the media itself. And when I say media, I don’t mean TV of course, I mean…
FOX: Listen, don’t try bullshitting me, you hear? I’m only asking you to be honest, nothing more. Am I asking too much?
Mr. RABBIT: Fox…
FOX: No, tell me, am I asking much? Because I don’t understand a word you’re saying, like probably nobody normal could. Sometimes I even think you don’t want to be understood. So tell me now, Bunny: did you become a queer?
Mr. RABBIT: What? What are you asking me that for?
FOX: What am I asking you that for… (Starts crying)
Mr. RABBIT: Foxy, you really don’t understand. I am saying that because it really doesn’t matter. I don’t think about it. If I ever love a guy the way I love you now, I will think about it then, alright?
FOX: You really love me?
Mr. RABBIT: You know I do, Foxy.
FOX: Don’t do this again, I thought it was all over.
Mr. RABBIT: I won’t, pussycat.
FOX: You know what we need… The ocean! Come to Portugal with me.
Mr. RABBIT: Where did you find Portugal now?
FOX: Let’s go dancing, the whole crew is going to the "Boom” festival in Portugal! Like old times. Pack our bags and jump on the train!
Mr. RABBIT: I can’t. John has his final exam.
FOX: C’mon, Bunny, what are you talking about? You said no more bullshit!
Mr. RABBIT: Please try to understand!
FOX: You’re playing with me!
Mr. RABBIT: I’m not playing with you.
FOX: I will not let you play with me!
Mr. RABBIT: I’m not playing with you, Fox.
FOX: Listen, I’m going to Portugal tomorrow. You decide what’s more important. I have no more energy for your childish games. Goodbye!
Mr. RABBIT: Fox, stop!
After a while John walks in.
JOHN: Hey.
Mr. RABBIT: There you are. Did you practice?
JOHN: I guess so. And you?
Mr. RABBIT: What?
JOHN: What happened to you? You look down.
Mr. RABBIT: Women.
JOHN: You really love her, don’t you?
Mr. RABBIT: Yes, I do.
JOHN: Why don’t you bring her tomorrow, too?
Mr. RABBIT: She can’t, she’s busy.
JOHN: You’re coming, right?
Mr. RABBIT: Sure.
JOHN: OK, see you tomorrow. Get some rest, you look like shit.
Mr. RABBIT: Right.
John walks away, then turns around.
JOHN: You’re sure you are ok?
Mr. RABBIT (Tries to smile.): You are asking mister Rabbit if he’s ok? C’mon get out of here, see you tomorrow.
JOHN: Okay.


Light on:
Mira is sitting alone, drinking alcohol. She’s dressed for the New Years Eve. Music is playing from the TV. John is at first staring at her like he’s trying to remember something.
JOHN: No. (Break) No, no, no...
No. ONE: What do you mean "No”?
JOHN: No. This is too... (Just looks at her in silence.)
No. ONE: We have to move on John. This is real life, not a simulation. You thought it was going to be easy?
JOHN. Why are you doing this to me?
No. ONE: You don’t want to help her? You know why we are here.
MIRA: There’s no snow. And that would be so nice, to have snow for New Year’s Eve... Too bad it doesn’t happen anymore. And what would Santa need his sleds for? He needs to change his styling completely.
Stupid TV music.
MIRA: Last year was nice. We quarreled like dogs. I think you even got a few slaps. Okay maybe that sucks, but altogether it was nice. I think there was even some snow.
JOHN: No...
Goes to her.
No. ONE: John...
John sits besides her, No. One exits.
JOHN: Hi...
JOHN: It’s me... John.
MIRA: I know who you are.
JOHN: Some really weird things happened... But it doesn’t matter now, you wanna go somewhere? Let’s go somewhere...
MIRA: Go somewhere?
JOHN: Yeah, it’s New Year’s, let’s go out... I missed you. All this time I had a strange pain here, and I didn’t know what it is. I thought it was kidneys or pancreas although I never had problems with my pancreas (actually I’m not really sure what a pancreas is), and it never came to my mind that it’s because I miss you...
Mira starts laughing.
JOHN: Why are you laughing?
MIRA: Crazy. All those things they come up with…
JOHN: What you mean?
Mira turns the TV off and gets up.
JOHN: Mira!
She walks out. John sits in her place. He’s desperate. After a while he turns on the TV. The TV shows the conversation he just had with Mira: When their conversation is finished and Mira walks out, a recording of the recording of their conversation starts. Bunny enters, munching a carrot.
Mr. RABBIT: How did it go?

Mr. RABBIT: What’s on?
JOHN: Me; watching myself talking to Mira.
Mr. RABBIT: Yeah?
Sits next to John. They watch together.
Mr. RABBIT: This is cool...
JOHN: I don’t exist, right?
Mr. RABBIT: What you mean? Chill bro, you’re trippin’.
JOHN (Stands up, angry.): Tell me when I ask you!
Mr. RABBIT: You exist, John, it’s ok. God...
JOHN: No! I need proof.
Mr. RABBIT: What kind of proof?
JOHN: I need proof...
Mr. RABBIT: You need proof you’re alive? (Break) OK, here’s your proof.
Mr. Rabbit dances The Wild Bunny Dance for John.
JOHN: What’s that?
Mr. RABBIT: It’s the proof you’re alive.
JOHN: That’s not proof I’m alive!
Mr. RABBIT: Not? What about this?
Mr. Rabbit dances The Scandinavian version of The Autumn Wild Rabbit Youth Dance.
JOHN: What the fuck are you doing?
Mr. RABBIT: What, you don’t get it? Wait maybe this...
Mr. Rabbit starts dancing The Modern arrangement of The Old Renaissance Rabbit Dance in The Glory of All Grey Rabbit Tails in the Style of The Great Rabbit from the Forest Above the Third Bigger Affluent Before Estuary of River Po, but John doesn’t wait for him to finish.
JOHN: You crazy? Why are you fucking with me?
Mr. RABBIT: Alright... Don’t get upset.
JOHN: Why are you jumping around like a mad man… Rabbit?
Mr. RABBIT: Well you wanted proof you are alive.
JOHN: What kind of proof is that!!?
Mr. RABBIT: Some people are hard to please…
JOHN: And that is it!?
Mr. RABBIT: Want a carrot?
JOHN: No I don’t want a fucking carrot, why would I want a fucking carrot?!
Mr. RABBIT: Take some for later…
JOHN: I don’t want a fucking carrot! Don’t fuck me as if I was a kid!! I mean it!
Mr. RABBIT: Excuse me Mr. Hallucination.
JOHN: Now you’re gonna get it!
John jumps on Bunny and knocks him down. Bunny manages to get away, kicks John and starts running.
Mr. RABBIT: You maniac!
John catches him again and hits him in the face. Bunny falls on the ground.
JOHN: You’ve been fucking with me all this time. Fucking… long ear… hairy… cunt!
Kicks him once more, and then walks over and sits at the table. No. One sits besides him.
No. ONE: You’re loosing your energy for no reason. This is the first step and you’re already quitting… I’m not saying it’s easy, I know it’s not, but in order to really help someone you have to be ready to sacrifice something. (Break) You never ask what I had to renounce to be in the place I am now. (Break) John? C’mon lets move on, we have a lot of work to do. It’s not worth it.
No. ONE: Don’t get me wrong, I know you care about Mira, but that’s the way it used to be. Now it’s all over and if you care about her you should help us find a way to make her happy.
JOHN: What makes you think you can make her happy?
No. ONE: We make everybody happy.
JOHN: You make everybody happy?
No. ONE: John…
JOHN: I quit.
No. One reaches for his shoulder, but John jumps away.
JOHN: Don’t touch me! You can’t stop me!
No. ONE: No one is stopping you. You know where you’re going?
JOHN: You won’t make me happy, do you understand?
JOHN: Do you understand?!
No. ONE (Smiling): Sure, John. I understand.
Exiting, John turns once more to No. One who is just smiling.


Dad, his back turned to the audience "watches” the video projection. John is standing beside him wearing a new suit. Fantastic sights and shapes are moving on the screen, a battle of colors – something like a wild psychedelic sound vibrant "Winamp" visualization. Dad is just sitting. Picks up the phone.
DAD: Hello Ivanka. It is here. Amazing... Diagonal 170 inches, refresh rate 50-150 Hz, 128 million colors... One hundred twenty eight million! (Break) Yes, it has... a... hard disc recorder and a 3-D super video accelerator, and audio visualizzzzator (On visualization jumps. Short break.). Then seven point one Dolby surround, auto-reverse, dual-speed playback, and hyper noise reduction, then blue ray compatible CD burner... What? Blue ray? Have no clue, say hello to Milka and come home. I mean, this is it, Ivanka... buy 15 kilos of peanuts and 7 gallons of beer because I am not coming out of this room any more. OK. Take a cab!
Bunny enters.
DAD: The colors overflow the edges, bursting from all sides... they’re gently touching the hypnotized conscience without any intention of imposing a meaning. It is not hard to lose orientation, forget about yourself... Like some pilot for example, in a plane… flying and flying and flying... he has no clue which way is up and which way is down. Without those... instruments he would be blind. But that’s the power of technology. Without it, man isss (Visualization moves) Like a bird… on the shore…
Mr. RABBIT: And this is that moment... Now... I know, I fucked up... I spit, I mop it, than do it again... But it’s not that easy, I swear. It’s not that easy.
Bunny sits besides John.
Mr. RABBIT: Hey.
JOHN: Hello.
Bunny pulls out two carrots; gives one to John. They are munching.
DAD: It’s almost like the evolution moving on.
Mr. RABBIT: Is he going to stop soon?
JOHN: Let him be…
Mum unlocks the door, enters. Dad stands up.
DAD: Ivanka?
MUM: It’s me, sit down.
Mum helps him sit, it’s the first time we can see he is blind.
Mr. RABBIT: You know, I’ve been thinking... First I want you to know… you know I’m no pussy to go all soft on you. Whoever tries to fuck with me ends up being fucked… You know what I mean?
Bunny slaps him in the face and runs. John’s confused for a moment but then continues munching the carrot. Bunny comes back when he realizes he’s not being chased.
Mr. RABBIT: And don’t fuck with me anymore, is that clear?
JOHN: Clear.
Mr. RABBIT: I needed to make this clear first.
MUM: What you say, one hundred twenty million?
DAD: One hundred and twenty eight.
MUM: One hundred twenty eight… Crazy. (On z visualization jumps, Mum laughs) Ah, that’s nice…
DAD: Visualization?
MUM: Swear to god, I’ve never seen anything like this...
DAD: What did I tell you...? Have you brought beer and nuts?
Mum opens bottles of beer, puts bag of peanuts on the table.
MUM (Makes noises – plays with the visualization.): This is really nice.
DAD: Wait, let me try.... Zzzz. Puf. Puf! Is it moving?
MUM: Yeah, it’s going all blue and green... It’s good!
DAD: Well it’s dual-speed playback and 3-D… 3-D super… What did the boy say?
Mum picks up the flyer and reads.
MUM: 3-D super video accelerator.
DAD: …video accelerator, (Short break) Seven point one Dolby surround.
MUM: Let me put something on.
She takes the remote and starts switching through the channels – football, soaps, news, porno movie.
DAD: Leave that.
A man and woman are having loud sex with idiotic old style midi music playing in the background.
Mr. RABBIT: And so… that’s what I wanted to tell you first, and then I don’t know… this is all my… I mean… you know…
Mr. RABBIT: Please tell me, I need to know. Do you feel responsible for your… no, wait… I don’t know how to put it… Do you ever wonder why, or how do you exist. Why are you here…
JOHN: I’m here to make people happy…
Mr. RABBIT: OK, that’s nice…
DAD: Tell me what’s happening?
MUM: Well… there’s this girl… and… a man… but they’re huge!
DAD: One hundred seventy inches.
MUM: Poor girl…
DAD: Seven point one… surround…
MUM: It’s a little bit boring the way it is directed. Can I change it?
DAD: And the actors?
MUM: Well the girl is... pretty. She has it all… you know… she’s blond. The man is moderately... well, he’s also…
Dad takes a deep breath and melts down into his cozy sofa.
Mr. RABBIT: I think about it all the time…
JOHN: About what?
MUM: Poor girl…
Mr. RABBIT: About God… what is my mission here… and what I would tell Him if met him…
JOHN: Whom?
Mr. RABBIT: Him…
MAN IN THE MOVIE (Loud): "Ich werde dich schlecht ficken!"
Mr. RABBIT: John, let’s get out of here... (Break) And didn’t you quit this job?
JOHN: No, I don’t think so…
Mr. RABBIT: C’mon, let’s go… Remember this place… Meadow in front of the woods, little bugs, little animals…
They find a place, lay down, and bite on a carrot…
Mr. RABBIT: A bizarre twist, isn’t it…
JOHN (Thinking, to himself.): Yes…
Mr. RABBIT: You’ve seen these guys from the Agency, I mean if we let them run the planet they’ll fuck everything up … I don’t know how they came to my mind in the first place… but fuck it… it was an extreme situation…
JOHN (Still not listening to him.): Yes, I quit... then how come…
Mr. RABBIT: I don’t know John, don’t want to lie to you, I fucked up. I mean how could I have known? Could I know? I couldn’t, how could I? I am like those navigators from Dune. You read Dune, the sand planet? The big ones that are carried around in those aquariums… I see far, you know… I know everything that’s going to happen here and there, but I don’t know the details... I’m not into details; I’m not that kind of rabbit... My stories are huge, oceans, stars, planetary systems... You have to look at things from a distance in order to see them properly; otherwise it’s just a bunch of colored dots, lots and lots of colored dots, one hundred twenty eight million colored dots (John looks at him). Okay, but you understand what I mean. Imagine now all those dots and suddenly one of them starts talking to you. At first it’s odd, but then you start playing, you talk to it too, and at the end you begin to feel something for it… Don’t get me wrong it’s purely friendly emotions, I am not one of those rabbits, although it did happen few times with Teddy but this would be too much, I mean you and me… we are horribly incompatible…
JOHN: What are you trying to say Bunny?
Mr. RABBIT: I’m trying to say that I love you. I don’t know what kind of forces we are dealing with here; the thing that happened to us is too special to have someone ruin it just like that. Get it? We’ve been through a lot. We became... you know...
JOHN: Yes…
Mr. RABBIT: Like Batman and Robin, Mirko and Slavko, Jay and Silent Bob... You get it?
JOHN: Yeah.
Mr. RABBIT: ...super heroes fighting for justice. It’s not just… I don’t know... We became a symbol of resistance... to global capitalism.
Bunny shuts up; he’s amazed by his own wisdom. John is silently laughing at him.
JOHN: Okay it sounds nice, but what if they get us in the end, you have a plan?
Mr. RABBIT: They can’t get us.
JOHN: But what if? What if they catch me and torture me and… I don’t know… put a rat cage on my face…
Mr. RABBIT: What do you have against rats, man?
JOHN: Never mind, just tell me.
Mr. RABBIT: Well you know… they can defeat us in the physical world, but here inside… That’s our kingdom. They can’t hurt us in here. There are no borders in here. (Pause.) I won’t abandon you whatever happens.
JOHN: I love you too, Bunny.
Mr. RABBIT: They might get us, but the legend will live on.
They hug. Enter No. One and No. Two with two other men.
Mr. RABBIT: Keep away or else…
No. Two approaches, slaps Bunny.
JOHN: Don’t touch him!
The men keep John from helping Bunny.
NO.TWO: Your I.D.
Bunny gives him a carrot. No. Two slaps him on the hand and pulls him out by his ears.
JOHN: Bunny!


Enter John.
DOCTOR: Good morning Mr. Rabbit.
JOHN: Good morning doctor.
DOCTOR: Please, sit down.

DOCTOR: And how are we feeling today?
JOHN: Good. I feel good.
DOCTOR: I am glad you are. Did you have those dreams again?
JOHN: Dreams?
DOCTOR: Have you had any unusual dreams lately?

JOHN: No. I haven’t dreamt at all lately. Doctor, thanks to you I sleep like a baby.
DOCTOR: That’s good. (Break) You know what Mr. Rabbit, I think we can switch to a different regime of therapy soon. We did a great job. Of course there’s a lot left to do, but you today and six months ago… It’s two totally different people. You will soon be ready to go home, you will be ready to go to work – you will be able to continue where you stopped one year ago.

DOCTOR: Aren’t you happy about it?
JOHN: Oh yes, I am, I am happy. Thank you, doctor.


John is standing beside Mira.
MIRA: You know, I have been dreaming about this moment for so long. Because I knew I am not asking much. I look, I go walking, sometimes even visit people and everywhere there are people… living. It’s not such a big deal. They all live their lives, and the biggest moron has a closet but not me. I keep my things on chairs as if I was the lowest… And it was love at first sight, it had to be mine. I just can’t remember why I asked for such a big one.

The End
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