S C E N A : T h e a t r e ..A r t s ..R e v i e w
Novi Sad, 2008 . ..No. 21 . .January-December . .YU ISSN 0036-5743 .


  During 2007, Sterijino Pozorje introduced significant changes to the programme of this most important national theatre festival, after extensive consultations with the theatrical professional public. The extension of the concept essentially came as a result of the fact that Serbia lacked a comprehensive national festival of theatrical accomplishments which would evaluate the artistic achievements of all actors/authors and all segments of a theatrical act in a relevant way. Without prejudice to the original principles the institution of Sterijino Pozorje rests upon, this cultural event has now grown into a festival of national text and national theatre.
During its long history, Sterijino pozorje has been encouraging and fostering national dramatic literature in different ways, which was reflected in the festival programme. In former Yugoslavia, with its several dozen important dramatists and the same number of respectable theatres, a more concrete support than the possibility of participating in the Sterijino Pozorje festival was probably unnecessary. However, in the new socio-historical context, creating additional motivation and a way of affirmation, especially for the youngest generation of playwrights, became an imperative.
For the first time in its half-century-long tradition, Pozorje opened a competition for an original drama, providing a substantial monetary award and an opportunity for the production of the awarded text, as well as the promotion of short-listed dramas. It is our intention to make a tradition of opening the competition in September each year, guided by the idea to put the complex mechanisms of promotion available to this institution into the service of continuous care for the development of national dramatic literature and its affirmation in our country and abroad.
Miroslav – Miki RADONJIĆ
Translated by Lidija Kapičić

According to the decision of the Sterijino Pozorje Competition for Original Drama Jury, whose members are: Svetislav Jovanov, theatre scholar, Aleksandar Milosavljević, threatre critic and Darinka Nikolić, theatre critic (chairman), the following texts entered the shortlist:

HYVÄ BOY (code: De Korte) – author: Milan Marković

DISCREET WOMEN, DECORATIVE CHILD, GREAT DANE (code: Slow motion) – authors: Tamara Marković, Ana Seferović and Tamara Šuškić

3, 4...NOW (code: NF. DT. DMS. BGD) – author: Milena Minja Bogavac

HERE’S TO YOU (code: Alarm) – author: Željko Hubač

TRAIN SNATCHERS (code: Lecithin) – author failed to respond after the results of the Competition were announced and is therefore unidentified

By a unanimous decision the Sterija Award for Best Original National Drama goes to the text:
MAYBE WE ARE MICKEY MOUSE (code: Dilemma) – author: Maja Pelević
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