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It gathers theatre documentation, does research, processes and stores it.

The purpose, the character and the method of the work is based on the most modern methods of research and use of the theatre documentation and data

.Along with its basic activities, the Centre also provides services necessary for the scientific research, as well as data about theatre and drama.

The Centre owns unique and large collections of theatre documentation and the databases about theatre and dramaturgy. 

 ..Archive funds
.. ..Contains over 650.000 pages of archive documents and materials.
 ..Newspaper article collection
.. ..
Contains over 61.000 different articles (clippings) about theatre from the daily press.
 ..A collection of printed matters 
.. ..Contains over 20.000 different issues of the printed matters:
….. theatre, opera and ballet programs, catalogues of the festivals,  repertoire announcements and many other things.
 ..A collection of theatre posters
.. ..Contains over 6.500 copies of theatre posters of Serbian and theatres from former Yugoslavia.
 ..A collection of manuscripts
.. ..Contains over 1.500 copies of the manuscripts of plays, adaptations and dramatizations.
 ..A collection of theatre photography
.. ..Contains over 35.000 photos of theatre performances, festivals and portraits of the theatre artists.
 ..A collection of audio and video recordings
.. ..Contains over 300 rolls of audio, over 100 videotapes and numerous CD/DVD.
 ..Data base
.. ..Contains all the relevant data about theatre repertoires and about theatre artists and playwrights.